A MAN CALLED ADAM – electronic duo confirm BRIGHTON Date this July

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To celebrate the release of their new album ‘The Girl With A Hole in Her Heart’, A MAN CALLED ADAM will be out and about this summer, with a selection of DJ dates and festival shows. They will appearon the 30th July at the  We Are Love Festival, Brighton.
The live dates come in support of AMCA’s brand new album,  ‘The Girl With A Hole In Her Heart’, which will be released with a special Collector’s Edition coloured vinyl and booklet on 21st July 2023, via Other Records.
Praised by The Guardian as “one of the most potent, bittersweet records in their 35-year career”, the album also attracted warm words from The Crack who said: “Fusing gorgeous synth-pop, ambient, house and electronica this is Balearic on Tees and all rather thrilling.”
Their first new album since 2019’s ‘Farmarama’, ‘The Girl With A Hole In Her Heart’ is a Balearic record, though not one that’s inspired by those fabled Iberian sun-kissed beaches that stretch on forever and sunsets that stop you in your tracks. Rather, it’s a House record made for all night dancing in a decommissioned steelworks. It’s an ambient record that strolls a windswept coastline where lime-grass dunes rise and fall like slumbering megafauna. The album walks the ugly, lovely industrial coastline of the North East of England, stopping at points to soak up the breathtaking scenery and watch everyday life carrying on in the face of rapid deindustrialisation.
Over the album’s eleven tracks, A Man Called Adam perfectly capture both a time and place. While “Starlings” dances carefree like a murmuration and “The Girl With A Hole In Her Heart” trips back through snapshots of terrace house childhood whilst rolling on a retro electro bassline, “Hidden Dragon”’s low end bass evokes heavy machinery looming large on the horizon. Gorgeous ambient soundscapes like “In Favour Of Storms” glide gracefully as shift sirens and field recordings of demolition blasts lace with “Ammonite”’s controlled kettle drum rolls into an addictive Lil’ Louis pulse.
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