A Miracle Brush

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Straight hair always looks sleek and sophisticated, and is a great fail safe look, but sometimes it can feel as if it takes forever to straighten your hair. Fiddling around with a hair clip, a hair brush and burning hot straighteners can be a tricky job, especially first thing in the morning/after a few glasses of pre-night out wine, but say goodbye to burnt fingertips and dropping your hairbrush on your toes somebody has finally come up with an answer to our hair woes. A hairbrush that also straightens your hair. Just let that sink in. Don’t believe me? Watch the brushvideo here. Although the one shown in the video is out of stock, from America and is fairly pricey there are many more available and with some research you can find the perfect multi-tasking hair appliance. I would recommend the ALLTOP ceramic straightening brush as it’s cheap, does the job and it comes in pink, what more do you need? Find it here


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