“Everything In My Life Started To Change, And It Changed Quickly”


Aleksandra Wrzos is an inspiring young woman who has made a career out of helping others experience success and fulfilment in their lives. She claims there’s no secret to success and everyone can have it just by following a simple step by step plan.

What’s your story Alex, what took you to Brighton? I was born and raised in Poland. From a very early age I had a need of exploring everything; my neighbourhood, different sports and outdoor activities then at the age of 19, wanted to explore the world. Went to the USA and lived there for four years. I had a great time and met many interesting people, however, there was something at the back of my mind telling me that I needed to go back to Europe to finish my degree and be closer to my family. So, I decided to come to the UK and chose Brighton literally with my finger on the map, as it was by the sea, and I’ve always wanted to live by the sea. I fell in love with Brighton from the first moment. After graduating from Brighton University, I got a job at a bank and continued my career in finance.

What made you do the program you teach today? In October 2015 I reached one of the lowest points in my life; after living in the UK for almost 10 years, I felt empty inside. Even though I was in a relationship with a man of my dreams, I felt I was loosing my mind, because somehow I felt unhappy and frustrated with my own self.

Something was telling me to go out into the world and achieve things I felt I could achieve but I could not say what it was.  I think I felt frustrated, because I spent the past decade investing in myself, studying, doing all sorts of qualifications that I thought should help me to be in a position of having a good and a fulfilled life, yet it was not all that I expected it to be.

I had reached a point where I needed direction from someone who will just explain to me what I was doing wrong. A part of me felt guilty for not appreciating the things I had accomplished but another part was telling me there is something missing. I thought about all my years of studie and felt that they had led me nowhere. It was as if there was a space in my life needing to be explored and fulfilled. I felt lost.

There is a huge gap between what we know and what we actually do.

At that moment I decided to reach to Bob Proctor for guidance through Proctor Gallagher Institute, because I knew if I wanted to change something in a big way I must go to the best, and to someone who had already demonstrated the results. I had followed Bob for years, read his books and listened to his seminars, so I knew he was the best in the area of human potential and growth, however my results didn’t show it and I didn’t understand why.

After a chat with one of Bob’s consultants I signed up for the Thinking into Results programme and this is when everything in my life started to change, and it changed quickly.

Fist of all, I realised that I did not have a worthy goal and this was the reason I was feeling lost.  I also realised that even though I had all this knowledge I gathered through the years of studying and my intellect was telling me I could do better or live a better life, I did not put my ideas into action. There is a huge gap between what we know and what we actually do. Sometimes, we don’t act because we don’t fully understand the process to success or we have doubts when it comes to making and executing our decisions. Within 2-3 months of doing TIR programme with Bob’s guidance and support I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life and had no doubts with regard to what direction to go to. Studying TIR has totally cleared my head from any confusion, put an order to my thinking and made me realise how much more I am capable of. Since then I got so fascinated with this proven step by step process that I just wanted to share it with everyone who felt stuck or was missing something in their life. It has become my passion.

What do you feel you’re doing different now then before? Think. I think so differently now than before. TIR helped me to discover my true potential and understand so much about myself. Who I am and what it is that I really want in life. You see, the only thing that separates successful people from the masses is the way they think, nothing else. Once I started to really study myself and understood the process of thinking, everything started to change; my income has more than doubled, my relationship with my boyfriend has become so much more meaningful, relationship with my family and friends have improved too.

Alexia: the only thing that separates successful people from the masses is the way they think, nothing else.

I also plan each day the night before. I developed a morning routine that keeps me focused on my goals and I execute my ideas. My day is organised and everything I plan to do, I accomplish. I’ve just become so much more efficient and I love it. Before, I was always all over the place, starting few different things at a time and not completing it. That was both at work and in my personal life. Everything just felt a bit out of control and that was frustrating.

The moment I gained clarity in my own head, everything around reflected that change. Making decisions has become easy because I know what it is that I want and I follow the process to achieve it. I have discovered, that success is not a secret, it’s a process that once followed works every time.

What is different to this particular program to everything else out there? You really start thinking in a certain way and create results you want in your life. I’ve done many online programmes before and read many books about human potential and development, but my results never seemed to change. Thinking into Results (TIR) programme is so complete that there is nothing like it out there.

It’s like a road map. First of all you are being taught by the best teacher on human potential out there, second of all you have a weekly support and guidance. Also, you are a part of a similar minded group, that is growing each week. There is nothing more powerful than being a part of a community whose members support each other, share their ideas and daily challenges. Sometimes there are ups & downs, sometimes you get stuck, but when you have the support to push you through this barrier, you achieve the impossible.

This is what has helped me to keep going, to keep moving forward and to put my ideas into action. Many times I felt uncomfortable doing so because I was putting myself out of my comfort zone, but this is the only time when you know you are getting closer to your goal. We all experience that and we all help each other to get through this fear. Nothing happens without action. If we only keep thinking or wishing for a better life or for something to change, we are just dreamers; nothing will change in our life until we make that decision we want to change. We must act and that part is the most difficult one sometimes. However, when you are lead into action, your progress is guaranteed and happens very quickly.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Honestly, I cannot even imagine what the next five years can bring. I’ve no doubts it’s going to be something truly amazing. The last 5 months were more productive for me in terms of personal fulfilment and professional success than the previous 5 years.

Since I started working with Bob Proctor, my life changed quickly. Within the first 2-3 months I decided to quit my job and open my own business. The last 5 months were truly astounding for me in terms of personal achievements, things that I’ve accomplished in my professional area and people I have met. I couldn’t even imagine all this could happen in such a short period of time. Above all, I do what I love doing now; helping other people to learn, grow and win.

One of my clients tripled her income from TIR and attracted the guy she had been very interested in a long time through this magical program!

I would say that in five years I know I will be a part of a business and a community that literally helps people improve all areas of their lives. The exciting thing for me, is that no matter what the age – twenty year old to seventy-five year old – when people commit to study, they get results.  I’m very grateful that this program has become a part of my life. It has become so gratifying to inspire people to live their dreams and get results.

I have no doubt that by sharing this information and helping people to achieve their goals or discover their desires will create something big.

Can you share any success stories about people you’ve helped? Absolutely! Sharing my clients’ success stories is the most rewarding. One of my clients tripled her income from TIR and attracted the guy she had been very interested in a long time through this magical program!

Another client had an extremely negative mindset, was isolated and angry. Through TIR, he transformed his mindset to a positive one, changed careers, started welcoming friends and experienced happiness in his life. I have also had two clients discover their life’s purpose!

One of my client, who has already had a very successful career, is writing a book now. This is a total change of direction and she loves it. Another one sold her business and is doing what she has always dreamt to do, but she never had enough courage to make that decision.

Another client has come out from depression and is finally living each day with a different outlook on life. Another one is becoming more aware how powerful her mental faculties are; her goals, personal and professional, are so much more courageous now. She is stretching herself to reach for more growth and personal fulfilment.

Yet another is becoming an international trainer, something he knew he could do, but needed that extra push into making it happen.

You see, we all have this potential inside of us. Sometimes we are aware of it, but don’t know how to use it, sometimes we are not. So, we either need a bit of encouragement and understanding how to use it, or we need to be guided to discover it. Nonetheless it’s there, and if we do not live the life we truly want, it’s time to make that decision and change it. Life is too short and the beautiful truth is, we are capable of so much more than what we currently do. Also, what’s most important is that we can inspire the ones around us, our family and friends too.


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