All Day Breakfasts and Brunches in Brighton

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It’s a lovely sunny day, and after a good night of sleep you are craving a good old English breakfast or a lighter but tasty brunch option; you head down to the centre to find the perfect spot to relax and enjoy your meal but…it’s over. It’s too late, and breakfast is no longer served. Are you familiar with this situation or has this happened to you at least once?

Don’t worry, we set up the perfect guide to some of the best places in Brighton that serve all-day breakfasts and brunches!

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Joe’s Café: Family run Joe’s Café is located in Seven Dials, and has been awarded several times with titles such as ‘Best Café’ and ‘Best Breakfast’ of Brighton and Hove. Dan and Jane believe in the power of a great breakfast, and carefully choose top quality and local suppliers, in order to always provide customers with fresh and tasty ingredients. They will present you with an extremely rich menu full of different options and combinations, vegetarian and vegan options included.


Bill’s: From growing on a small land to a greengrocery shop, Bill’s story starts in Lewes, and is the powerful story of a strong man that despite being hardly damaged by a flood in 2000, had the courage to go on and to rebuild completely his shop, adding a café to it. And that idea turned out to be great, because with a careful customer service and a selection of good and fresh ingredients, Bill’s reached an enormous success, that led to a bigger and bigger growth, with an expansion through all the country, Brighton included!


Verano Lounge  Conveniently located in Western Road, part of ‘The Lounges’ cafes and bars, this place is designed to be open all day and to serve coffee, drinks, and food in a relaxed and extremely carefully styled environment. The menu is rich and has everything, from salads to sandwiches, from tapas to burgers, and of course, with a very long list of brunch options that go from the typical English breakfast (‘Lounge Breakfast’) and bacon butty to vegetarian options and more exotic-inspired options such as Chorizo and Chimichurri breakfasts.


Billie’s Café: Run by brother and sister Lisa and Dominic, Billie’s has been an institution in Brighton for thirty years. Lisa and Dominic, who bought the café from the previous owners, kept the strong features that this café already had in the past, such as the famous house speciality Hashes, and improved some menu parts such as vegetarians and lunch options. Billie’s Hashes start from a base sautéed potato and onions, and are topped with many different ingredients and sauces that can be mixed together.


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The Breakfast Club  Originally started in Soho in 2005, this successful family run business has grown in the London area and finally reached Brighton in 2015. Every café is styled in a unique and different way, and provides customers with lunches, dinners and events such as Bingo and Quizzes. Well-known for brunches and breakfasts, as the name claims, they have an all day food and drink -provided by award-winning bar tenders- offering menu with a wide range of options to choose from!

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