Amazing America: Miami

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So we’ve covered the bright lights of New York City, visited the beautiful capital city Washington DC and the next stop on our tour of America is Miami, the glorious southern tip of the Sunshine State.

Miami is located in the south east corner of America, with golden sandy beaches, vibrant nightlife and tropical weather that guarantees warm temperatures for most of the year.

If you’re looking for palm trees, gorgeous beaches where you can drink from fresh coconuts and the chance to top up your tan, Miami has it all.

It’s no coincidence that many celebrities purchase properties in the city and as you pass ‘Star Island’ on your way into Miami’s most popular neighbourhood South Beach, the refreshing vibe hits you as the surrounding beauty spoils your eyes.



In 2008, Miami was voted America’s ‘cleanest city’ and seven years later, the stunning centre of fun and relaxation is more elegant than it’s ever been before.

Forget spending all your money on tourist attractions, the most beautiful things to do in Miami are right in front of your eyes. Miami Beach boasts bright blue water, soft golden sand and a peaceful atmosphere that encourages maximum relaxation after a long night partying.

With numerous nightclubs and bars keeping the city bouncing whilst the sun is down, Miami has something for everyone, whether you like to go wild in the biggest ‘super club’ the city has to offer or chill to some live music after a tranquil day in the sun.

The diverse population of people that live in the city means the food cuisine is broad and no matter what satisfies your taste buds, you won’t have to travel far to find a restaurant that takes your fancy.

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If you want to discover Miami’s sporting calibre, their teams are right on your doorstep and taking in a game whilst visiting the city shouldn’t be too tough a task.

Miami Heat play in the NBA and have had recent success winning back to back Championships in 2012 and 2013, reaping the rewards from having arguably the game’s greatest ever player Lebron James, who sadly no longer plays in Miami.

A short drive north of South Beach will take you to the SunLife Stadium, the home of Miami’s NFL team the Dolphins. The Marlins and the Panthers represent the city in the MLB and NHL respectively, rounding off Miami’s heavy participation within American sport.



If you are looking to partake in tourist attractions, a trip to the Everglades is easily achievable and not too harsh in terms of price. You’ll fly around the swamps on a hoverboat in search of alligators as you take in the unusual surroundings in the heart of Florida’s subtropical national park.

In relation to the size of America, Orlando is a short 5-hour journey north of Miami and there you can visit some of the best theme parks the world has to offer. Whether you visit Disney World for the day or stay in Orlando for a couple of nights, a round trip is easy to accomplish during your stay in Miami.

Situated close to a handful of Caribbean Islands, Miami shares the same luxurious feel and offers paradise with added vibrancy. Forget materialistic things, the feeling Miami leave you with is something money can’t buy. The cleanliness of the city is therapeutic on your mind, body and soul, as you fall in love with America’s finest portion of paradise.



Kieran Cleeves


All images courtesy of Kieran Cleeves

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