Animal activists protested against greyhound racing awards event outside Brighton Hilton on Sunday

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Members of the campaign group Close Hove Dog Track (CHDT) protested against a greyhound racing awards event outside DoubleTree by Hilton Brighton Metropole on Sunday.

CHDT members protested to raise awareness about the alleged cruelty that dogs in the greyhound racing industry suffer.

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) held this event, and its purpose was to congratulate and award people in the greyhound racing industry.

CHDT member protesting against the GBGB Awards event outside the DoubleTree by Hilton Brighton Metropole. (Image: CHDT)

Rusper Torres, CHDT member, said: “We turned up in numbers to unfurl our banners and voice our displeasure to let them know that neither the GBGB’s blood-soaked money nor their filth-ridden hands are welcome in our progressive city.”

According to CHDT’s website, the tight corners on greyhound racetracks cause regular collisions, which can result in injuries, broken bones, and death.

Sarah Whitehead, CHDT member, said: “The cruelty to greyhounds in this industry is completely covered up.

“It is highly unethical for the Hilton to have allowed an animal cruelty event to take place, and this has severely damaged their reputation.”

CHDT members protesting against the GBGB Awards event outside the DoubleTree by Hilton Brighton Metropole. (Image: CHDT)

CHDT members also protested inside the Hilton, near the suite where the awards event was happening.

CHDT’s website claims that the greyhound racing industry forces dogs to race in extreme weather, such as sub-zero temperatures and over thirty degrees.

A spokesperson for GBGB said: “As a regulator, we are proud of the very high welfare standards that exist across licensed greyhound racing, which ensure the health and wellbeing of registered greyhounds are promoted and protected at all times.

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“It is a shame that the handful of animal rights activists who stood outside the hotel on Sunday have chosen to believe the myths that are pedalled about our sport rather than take the time to see how registered greyhounds receive far more protection than domestic dogs.”

CHDT members protest outside of Coral Brighton and Hove Greyhound Stadium weekly and have petitioned Brighton and Hove City Council to remove their license and close the track.

Sarah Whitehead, said: “The Brighton and Hove community deserves better than a greyhound racing track, and the greyhounds deserve better than the gambling industry.”

The achievements awarded at this event included Trainer of the Year, Kennel Hand of the Year, and Breeder of the Year.

GBGB holds awards events at hotels in different cities annually, and this is the first time it occurred in Brighton.

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