Another fabulous, luxurious, completely unique room at Hotel Pelirocco!

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I walked into this hotel, oblivious to the grandeur of beautiful decor my eyes were to experience. The walls cut into different sections with dazzling designed patterned wallpaper. A (what appeared) never ending collection of extravagant, comical and cheeky framed pictures hung on the walls following the stairs up to the 19 completely exclusive hotel bedrooms. The reception room on the first floor furnished utterly beautifully to the last detail. I was swept off my feet with the sweet ambiance created by this uniquely designed hotel and felt privileged just to be there!


You won’t easily walk past the bar, equally as gorgeous as the rest of this crazy place, with some great chatty staff, a plentiful menu of cheeky named cocktails and other beverages with fancy cushioned stools to sit yourself upon!

I love love love this ultimately sensational place! Marko the main man manager, has worked here for 15 years, starting up from the bottom cleaning rooms and making his way to the top! He says that it’s so fantastic to be able to work with all sorts of ingenious, creative, inspiring designers and one of many great pleasures that comes with his job! Marko is part of a lovely team of people at Hotel Pelirocco, to whom is was an incredible honour to have been introduced to even just a few.

I can’t not mention the lavatory… IT WERE UNREAL! I had myself quite a giggle when i noticed that the enormous gold stained wash bowls were standing up from the ground by a pair of cheeky women’s legs! The water spilled from the tap in a fountain-like manor and everything was so pristine and yet amusing! At this moment I understood why it had been suggested to me that I bring my camera with me to the toilets! Hahahahha

If that sparked your interest, take a look at the room everyone was drinking to in celebration of their hard coordinated efforts! The Dupenny Boudoir!

A vintage inspired boudoir (sleeps 2) styled by Brighton illustrator Emily Dupen of Dupenny Design; the room showcases her passion for all things pin-up, retro, curious and a little bit cheeky. Featuring the famous Dupenny black & white burlesque wallpaper, artworks and bathroom tiles. The Dupenny Boudoir is a monochromed, vintage haven nestled in the eaves of Hotel Pelirocco.
“I blend in with the wallpaper!”
Emily Dupen, self proclaimed dress-obsessed, very busy lady runs her own successful business, illustrating and designing vintage fashion, wallpaper, cushion covers and more to her own deletable taste. “‘When i first started out with wallpapers, i found it really hard to think of something new so I was just doing like floral stuff and I just kept thinking to myself this isn’t what I want to do, this isn’t anything different and I decided to just draw what I wanted to draw and hope that someone out there would like it too.”
As she’s obsessed with everything Burlesque and retro which is definitely reflected in her designs! When Miss Dupen was put in the Sunday times for her amazing cheeky Burlesque design inspired by glamorous cabaret dancers “It’s just been non-stop!”
Marko usually changes the theme of maybe 2 rooms of the 19 every year and this year when he contacted Dupenny about using her wallpaper she insisted on coming down to see how it looked. When she did, they got to talking and she ended up designing the whole room! Emily says she’s so glad to be able to see the final product “usually I just send off the wallpaper and not get to see what it looks like wherever it goes so it’s really nice to enjoy looking around here”. She added “people have been telling me for years, oh you need to go to Hotel Pelirocco! I made it a priority to get this done before I started my next project, to open my own pop-up shop and I’m also doing something with the Amy Winehouse Foundation as well so I’ve got a lot going on!”
They sure have made a wonderful effort at creating a burlesque bedroom experience that you won’t find anywhere else! This place is magical, every room is like entering a different little world, thus being a hotel like no other on the market.

Every one of Emily’s girls has a name and a story and by the looks of them, a cheeky one at that!

I think it’s fair to say Emily is a fair bit cheeky herself! 😉 And wearing that dress beautifully!

If you’d like to have your own Pelirocco experience in one of their unique top standard rooms then visit their website for more information and book away!

Impressed by Dupenny’s enchanting work? Have a look at her shop and shop shop shop away!

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Let the magic continuuuuue……!

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