Be Brightonian!

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This is Daisy. She is 19 years of age and hails from Manchester. Having visited Brighton many times, Brighton University was her first choice when she decided to study illustration. She loves Brighton because of the way it makes you feel and how vibrant and happy the people are.


Here we have Jen, 25. She originates from London and is visiting our city because what’s better than eating fish and chips by the seaside?


These guys are Mark and Fernando, or Nando for short. They are 38 and 6 1/2. Originally from Chichester, Mark has called Brighton his home for 16 years. He is a musician and loves Brighton because it is so open minded.


Here we have John and Nathan. John originates from Oldham and is 21 years old. He moved to Brighton for university and has stayed to be a Music Promoter and a busker and guitarist. Nathan hails from Watford and is also 21. He went to university in our lovely city. He has made it his home and also intends to be a guitarist. They both kindly said their favourite thing was me and our magazine!

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