Be Halloween Safe, during the pandemic in 2020

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Last week I wrote a fun and uplifting article of spooky treats to enjoy this Halloween which is guaranteed to get you in the Hollows eve spirit. However over the past week I have come across many individuals speculating as to whether or not children are able to carry out the traditional ‘Trick or Treating’ and also are people allowed to have guests over for a small Hollows gathering, so I thought it maybe a good idea to shed some light on the ‘Do’s and Don’ts during Halloween in a pandemic. By Nicola Wright

Firstly it goes without saying depending on where you are within the UK sadly it will restrict you even further as to your Halloween plans. As it stands currently the majority of the North-West including Liverpool, Manchester and Warrington and creeping into Yorkshire as Sheffield is another latest city to be placed within the Tier 3 lockdown measures. Within Tier 3 measures this is seeing business closer’s such as pubs, gyms and venues and social gathering is prohibited leaving individuals being confined to stricter measures until signs of the Corona Virus is on the decrease.

For Brighton and the Hove who is currently within Tier 1 allows individuals to have a little more cautious and responsible freedom. Number 10 have officially spoken on the questions surrounding Halloween with a spokesman for the Prime Minster stating:

“If you’re in a ‘High’ COVID alert level then the rule of six applies in private gardens and outdoor spaces but households must not mix indoors.” Continuing the spokesman added “And in terms of ‘Medium’ alert level, you can meet indoors and outdoors in groups of no more than six people.”

With the words spoken from Downing Street officials it comes to confirm that you can officially Trick or Treat so long as you are cautious and within a small group of no more then six people however it may be mindful to carry hand-sanitizer or disinfection wipes with you to air on the side of caution if this fun event is one you are going to participate in this Halloween.

In local areas where there is a lesser risk of the spreading of the virus it has been confirmed that local police are issuing further safety advise for Halloween and are in the process of marketing posters to help the elderly and vulnerable not to feel intimidated or scared due to individuals whom may show a lack of respect for these individuals by posting “no trick or treating” posters to help prevent any fears and also individuals who are shielding.

To summarise if your village, town or city is currently in Tier 1 or Tier 2 you are able to carry out responsible Halloween traditions, I would advise to read your local safety guidelines before hand. As for the city’s, towns and villages within Tier 3 measures sadly with such a high risk imposed Halloween Festivities outdoors and with other individuals whom are not within your households are going to have to be postponed for this year at least but rest assure hopefully you can make up for all the spooky fun in 2021.

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