Best Places to Live in Brighton – From The Laines to Kemptown

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With the picturesque seaside location, quirky nature, unique entertainment offering and its one-hour transport links to London, Brighton has become one of the best places to live in Britain.


In fact, as a result of this especially in a pandemic where people are desperately seeking to leave the big city and escape somewhere quieter, property prices also continue to grow with local residents now finding they are struggling to afford the prices affordable to the influx of new people.


Brighton is a vibrant, exciting and multicultural city with the likes of YouTube sensation Pew Die Pie among others seeing it as the perfect place to settle down and find the perfect balance of art, culture and quality of life not often found so close to major destinations.


Especially for families, Brighton College’s international prestige alongside the other private and state schooling is second to none, with two universities that draw students who will provide the families of the future.


But where is the best places to live?

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This is the ideal location for students and any new professionals who seek the individuality the city has to offer, with a huge LGBT community and unique restaurant offerings both modern and historic adorning the streets.


Nightlife, shopping and central location are all key amenities with the large rental market and flat sharing opportunities perfect for the smaller budgets.



The Laines


The famous architecture and tourist hotspots also combine with a very attractive option for those looking to settle.


North laine primarily is situated in the city centre and therefore offers the apex of culture and beauty with prices to match the treasure trove of amenities on offer.





One of the more affluent of the cities, the well-kept and high presentation of this area suits those more looking to spend and get a clear experience that’s a little more outside the city.


Despite this, there is plenty on offer with a variety of standard and specialty shops that add a little more sparkle to this neighbourhood.


London Road


The most recent development to take place, it has become an ever-growing site for new build, houses and new shopping selections while still having access to some of the more famous locations in the city, with famous public houses and creative hubs all here.



Preston Park


Near enough to the city, yet still spanning great parks and nature makes this a prime location for those wanting a bit of everything.


The park itself is served for animal lovers, fitness enthusiasts and families alike with the biggest events also held here year-round.



Seven Dials


A picturesque village full of architecture and design.  With local transport links and little drops of culture through food and presentation it is the perfect spot for those who want good food, quick big city access and a home location that combines them both.


Photo Credit: Kai Alyssa Bossom

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