Black Friday 2020: Things you should consider before buying


Due to lockdown 2.0, the biggest shopping day of the year will be held entirely online and before you press the buy button, you should run through the checklist below.
Online shopping is undoubtedly the best available option this year due lockdown. Coronavirus has managed to change every other event planned for 2020 – including Black Friday. But, as everything good can have a dark side, there are some tips you should to take into account before you start the sales hunt. It is important that you do your homework, because sales do not always mean good deals.
People tend to buy instinctively and emotionally, specially at this time of the year. The Black Friday event feeds itself from the shoppers impulse – and sellers and brands know it. That’s why they use tactics that act at the subconscious level to encourage buyers to choose certain products or to quickly make a decision, without reflecting.
Before going ahead and buying you should do some research about the products and compare prices from different stores to avoid fraud.

Make a list of what you really need to buy

It may seem easy, but when we have a list we know exactly what we need to buy. Most likely, when you’re browsing just for the sake of it you’re always going to find something that looks like a bargain but you might regret buying later. It’s no use getting a bargain if the product’s no good.

 Compare prices
To avoid unpleasant surprises it is important to follow the products in advance to make sure that the price is not increased before its price is “reduced”. But not only. Suspecting very low prices is also important and paying attention to discontinued products, as many stores might take advantage and try to get rid of them.
There are several websites that allow you to identify the online store that has the lowest prices for the same product.

Check product reviews

Don’t just check the prices. See what consumers say about the product. A bad product is a bad deal, despite its low price. Avoid unpleasant surprises by watching videos and reading product reviews of what you are planning to buy.

Shop safely

Make sure that the website is legit. Look out for anything slightly amiss in the spelling. Look for a padlock or https in the browser bar as they mean the website is more likely to be secure.

Can you afford it?

The online consumer is less aware of the amount of money it spends by using a credit or debit card.Online shopping is often referred to as “impulse shopping”. Think twice before you click to complete a transaction. Do you need the product? Can you afford it?


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