Brighton Homes Are Found To Be UK’s Dirtiest

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A newly published survey has found that the homes of Brighton and Hove are the dirtiest compared to the entire rest of the nation.

The clean homes index has taken information from each city in the country and compiled an index of data that compares how often people in each location make the effort to complete cleaning tasks such as household chores.

When researching Brighton, it was found that just over one third of respondents had washed their bedding once a week, 31% every two to three weeks and 25% admitted only cleaning the fridge once a month.

In a more shocking twist, four per cent hadn’t cleaned their fridge more than once a year, and two per cent had never cleaned it at all.

Overall, this recorded Brighton with a 2 out of 10 in overall cleanliness within the home, putting the city dead last.

In comparison to other cities, the lowest mark after this was 4, shared by cities such as Plymouth, Edinburgh, Nottingham and Bristol.

The winning city was Belfast who scored an impressive 9 out of 10.

Other questions included how often respondents hoovered, did their laundry, ironed, emptied household waste bins and dusted.

This information was then set into a chart of data to analyse how often these chores were carried out and then compared with what is understood to be the recommended cleaning frequency.

Photo Credit:Scott Umstattd

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