Brighton & Hove Green Spaces supported by donation from Plumpton College


On behalf of some of Brighton & Hove’s smaller “pocket parks”, Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty, Leader of Brighton and Hove City Council and Green Party Councillor for Brunswick and Adelaide, will accept a wide range of Hebe Shrubs donated by Plumpton College from the Douglas Chalk National Hebe collection this Sunday.

These plants have been grown from cuttings taken from the specimens in the national collection by students and staff of the horticulture department at Plumpton College. Hebes are excellent shrubs for city gardens, available as low-growing varieties for ground cover, medium and large sized varieties, which become be great specimen shrubs or hedges. They normally flower twice a year, are low-maintenance once established, thrive on chalky soils, and are excellent for attracting pollinators.

Volunteer gardeners from Adelaide Crescent, Bedford, Brunswick, Clarence, Regency, Palmeira and Norfolk Squares are all keen to provide permanent homes for the hebes, and excited to see the plants establish and thrive. Residents and visitors to the “pocket parks” will benefit from this generous donation, improving and extending the green spaces available in Brighton and Hove.

Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty said:

“Residents’ groups are the backbone of our city and I am thrilled to have worked with Norfolk Square Gardens and other groups in my ward to ensure these donated Hebes have a new home that all our residents can enjoy. The success of the Norfolk Square Group is now seeing this kind donation from Plumpton College changing not just Norfolk Square but the green spaces across the Brunswick and Adelaide neighbourhoods.

“This is a fantastic win, win, win: a win for residents as nature- even a small patch of greenery has proven links to happier and healthier people, a win for our environment with more pollinating plants and a win for our city in this fantastic partnership between Plumpton and community groups.”


Vice-Chair of the Norfolk Square Gardens Project, Rohays Perry who has worked with Plumpton college on the delivery said:

“On behalf of all the groups who will benefit, I wish to offer my thanks to Plumpton for their donation

Anyone who wants to get their hands dirty is welcome to join their local gardening group – take an opportunity to do something physical outdoors, supporting nature and contributing to the beauty of our city surroundings.

If you don’t know much about gardening, you’ll soon learn, and there are always jobs to do which don’t require loads of expertise, but make an immediate visible difference. Most groups have Facebook pages – and see the Brighton & Hove Green Spaces Forum on Facebook for information and news about community gardening all around the city.”


Alex Waterfield, Grounds and Gardens Manager at Plumpton added:

“We are thrilled to support so many excellent gardening groups in the city with this donation.

If you’d like to get more involved with gardening, have a look at the Plumpton College website: for full and part-time courses at a range of levels. Many are run at the Plumpton Stanmer site, easily accessible by public transport from Brighton and Hove.”


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