Why YouTube Can help Brighton Business


Since its inception in the spring of 2005, YouTube has become the hub for all the creative minds in the world to create and share their own personal content, often leading to substantial personal and financial gain. Often reported to upload as much as 500 hours of video footage, it has taken the names of relative unknowns such as rapper KSI and turn them into global figures with over 10 million people alone subscribed to watch his every move and hungry for even more. This kind of exposure and engagement is exactly what every business looks for, especially for smaller businesses whose budgets do not extend to afford complex marketing campaigns and therefore is exactly why more businesses should consider YouTube as just as crucial to their ongoing strategies as they do Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. By Matthew Meehan

The focal industries for this kind of content are the media and marketing companies who already operate this kind of equipment and who understand the logistics of creating content in order to incite a favourable reaction in their audiences, however even the most basic and perceptively duller fields of work have the ability to benefit from the utilisation of video content. Comedic sketches, famous adverts, gaming, collaboration, philanthropy and how-to videos are all very popular concepts that would be often a fresh approach to the otherwise straightforward company objectives.

Whilst they may not opt to start creating gaming channels for law firm, this widespread platform is actually agile to the demands of all sectors and therefore new innovations of presentation regarding their marketing could represent a change in strategy to something more engaging that incites humour or user-friendly content into the market that actually sets them apart from their competitors by entertaining and educating simultaneously.

The figures also provide a clear insight to the opportunity currently being overlooked, with it being estimated that one minute of video is equivalent to almost 1.8 million words through the ability of portraying emotion and personalisation to the audience versus an otherwise laborious approach, which is even more startling when you also consider the fact that when explored it was discovered that on average a viewer will actually retain 95% of the messages relayed by a video versus 10% of a text based marketing material.

From this, YouTube exists as the second most popular the search engine in the world only behind Google, which as its owner means that the 2 Billion user base it owns are prime targets for the utilisation of search engine optimisation which will therefore crucially add to the relevance of the brand when being searched through keywords that only further adds to the exposure the further usage of video marketing can bring. This fact considering that one third of all online activity goes through the site means that in simple terms, every 1 in 3 customers any company looks to target through its approach will actively be already using it to provide that inbuilt audience with no need for any extra customer acquisition costs whilst also having the seamless capability to share its creation across all other social media platforms it utilises.

Not only does this cause an improved brand image, especially towards the younger consumer who will eventually become your current or future customer, but also by operating naturally in the same spaces you become relatable and a natural fit into their lifestyle which due to the ease of adoption it provides has been to greatly increase a company’s appeal. Through YouTube’s own unique structure, this also provides seamless integration into the markets of influencers where this similar attempt at marketing currently already exists. Influencers are the fastest growing marketing tool modern brands use as a method to subliminally tie themselves to relevant and trusted faces on the platform with 89% of marketing managers confirming that the return on investment (ROI) was comparable or greater than other channels, and by utilising more of these through methods such as video and competition sponsorships there is a greater number of potential pathways to monitor and exploit.

However, the utilisation of YouTube goes much further than merely becoming a more engaging source of marketing. One of the key contributing factors to its need for utilisation is the ability to become and actual source of profit for a company. This is achieved by Ad Revenue, and what this means is that when a YouTube channel has 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time then it is eligible to become part of the partner programme where depending on the number of viewers you have, you will be paid by YouTube to display adverts within your content. For medium sized companies with a media or communications element this could mean that by them simply sharing their creations to the online platform they have the opportunity to make thousands of pounds in extra revenue, or for other companies who have the creative minds there is opportunity to provide new concepts that meet the conditions of a viral marketing campaign and therefore create the social currency that brings them these same kinds of opportunities too.

As with any new or innovative approach there are still some issues which businesses must navigate in order to effectively include YouTube as a part of its strategy. For some businesses, the ability to create content may be restricted due to budget, time or industry sector as while a channel dedicated to deciphering legal jargon may be a useful and effective method of simplifying the legal profession, this more open and approachable response may not fit the image that many companies which to display especially if operating on small staff numbers.

Regardless, while these companies may not be able to use YouTube to such great effect, business and Brightion based business looking to extend their reach can still experience greater reach by using their limited resources to simply put something out there that will reach their intended audience. In the modern era where social media is key, 90% of employees have social at their fingertips and have the ability with simple equipment and editing software such as Premiere Pro to create a blog, film some basic content or even seek to further promote their current strategies onto possibly the most engaging and searchable social media platform based on the research data. YouTube provides the platform that so many marketing professionals overlook, yet where so many customers are looking for their next solution to share with the world.


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