Brighton is Now the Parking Ticket Capital of the UK


Any resident of Brighton and Hove knows how much of a hassle parking can sometimes be. It seems that you either have to park a million miles outside of the city or fork up a fortune in order to find some kind of adequate parking.

It will come as no surprise to those weathered in the art of Brighton car parking that the city is now officially the UK’s parking ticket capital. This is according to Admiral, with the insurance company compiling the data.

Such was the extent of the issuing of tickets that more were actually handed out than there are cars registered in the city. Overall, wardens issued a total of 124,069 tickets, a staggering number. This works out at around 112 tickets for every 100 vehicles.

Brighton’s level of ticketing stands out as the outright worst. The closest to Brighton’s level of ticketing was in London and Edinburgh, with both areas still issuing more tickets than there were cars registered. Wardens handed out 101 tickets for every 100 cars.

Parking is becoming the quite the issue in the UK. Another crazy statistic released by Admiral is that, in all, 1 of every 10 accident claims was in relation to parking.

What do you think needs to change in order to resolve Brighton’s clear issues with parking?



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