Brighton Launches Youth Led Radio Show


In a first, local community radio station Platform B has created a new breakfast show led entirely by young people.


Funded through the Youth Music’s Incubator fund to encourage radio among younger generations, ‘The Rising’ launched on Monday February 15th with Jordi Carter, Erin James and Elsa Monteith being announced as the presenters with production by Eva Lunny and Bobby Brown.


This new show will fill the weekday 9-11am slot on Platform B, with the focus being on topics that speak to their generation such as recent music, new releases, current affairs and local news all being at the very heart of their efforts.


The station itself says that it is incredibly excited for this opportunity and the fresh approach it is able to produce, with the show waking up Brighton with ambition, optimism and a strong selection of untapped local and possibly global talent that can lead the company for years to come.


Presenter Elsa Monteith added “The Rising represents the energy and ambition our city is after in these extraordinary times. As presenters, we will pass the mic to new voices, provide companionship and connection in the early hours and stay true to our progressive roots and optimistic outlook. Rise up with The Rising!”


Senior Producer Bobby Brown said “We are really excited to bring a new breakfast show to Brighton and Hove. We’ve set out to entertain, engage and empower our local communities- we want to hear your stories and spread the word on ways to keep the community spirit alive and kicking in these challenging times”.


This opportunity was actually all made possible through the Peoples Postcode Lottery, with the Youth Music’s Incubator Fund being one of the many causes that they have dedicated funding into to support local initiatives across the country.


Youth Music has supported many different projects in order to allow young people to find innovative ways to break into the music and production industry. Shows such as these are believed to be crucial ways to bypass the strong inequalities in the industry and really allow the next generation of talent to be highlighted.


Photo Credit: Fringer Cat


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