Brighton ranks 3rd place for the craftiest cities in the UK

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New research investigating the UK’s craftiest cities has revealed that Brighton ranks number 3 among the best destinations for arts and crafts. 

The city comes second to Leicester for having the most craft shops per square mile. 

The study, which was carried out by Liberty Fabrics experts, analysed search data, local crafting resources, and social media interests of 88 UK cities, each with a population of over 100,000 people. 

“Brighton is an unsurprising entry on this list thanks to its thriving arts scene.” said Liberty London team.

Known for its wide array of thrifting and charity shops, the city finds itself to be the 2nd “thriftiest” city, after Edinburgh, providing its large student population and residents with many sustainable shopping options.

The study found that Brighton is the most popular city for crochet and fabrics.

“Crafting has always been a popular pastime in the UK.”

“It teaches you new skills, and you can discover how to create unique and personal items that simply can’t be found anywhere else.”

Brighton is also among the top 5 UK cities for the best crafting education, sharing a joint third place with Bradford and Leicester. 

For more information, check out the “UK’s craftiest city report” here:

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