Brighton Robot Wars Contestants ‘Honoured’ to be All-Female Team

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A Brighton student has said she is “honoured” to be one of only a handful of all-female teams to enter hit BBC series Robot Wars.

Two engineering students from the University of Brighton will working together to battle rival robot builders on the show this Sunday 5th March.

Katie and Jodie who are both studying for degrees in Mechanical Engineering say they are long-standing fans of the programme.

Their robot ‘Ms Nightshade’ weighs in at 100kg and features spikes which Katie and Jodie hope will destroy their opponents.

Speaking about her experience Katie said: “It was an honour to represent the University of Brighton and also to promote female engineers.

“I worked on the design and Jodie and I collaborated on putting our robot together.

“I knew I wanted our robot to be different and something that had not been seen on the programme before and to be able to defend itself and attack from all angles.

“The biggest challenge was managing our time to meet the deadlines for the project whilst continuing to focus on our courses. We really underestimated the time needed to build and test the robot, but got there in the end.”

Ms Nightshade
The team hope their robot Ms. Nightshade will destroy their opponents and make it through to the Robot Wars final

Jodie said: “The whole experience has been incredible. I can’t compare it to anything that I have ever done before.

“The most valuable thing for me apart from gaining the practical skills from constructing and assembling the robot was the chance to develop presenting and communication skills from appearing on the programme.

“Being part of an all-female team was a real honour. I am so grateful to the university for the support it gave us to make what for me had always been a childhood dream.”

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The latest series of Robot Wars starts at 7pm BBC 2 on Sunday 5 March.

The show returned in 2016 with new presenters Dara O’Brien and Angela Scanlon after 12 years off the air.

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