Brighton Street Style


The forecast has well and truly been letting us down lately, but the locals never fail to brighten up our streets with the most stylish looks. Brighton Journal took to the streets on a mission to find the best of Brighton’s street style this week.


Sara & Katie

We bumped into Sara and Katie whilst they were out on a coffee run. The fashionable pair rocked matching tassels and were going for an autumnal colour palette. Sara said their outfits were a transitional wardrobe choice as we now slowly start to say goodbye to the summer sun. Both friends said they are stylistically influenced by Rock ‘n’ Roll stars such as Jimi Hendrix and Keith Richards. They were accompanied by a furry friend.


Brighton Journal caught Brighton University student Joe amid his 21st birthday celebrations! Joe says the thought behind his outfits is always ways in which he can incorporate a Hawaiian-style patterned shirt. He just can not get enough of red. Joe paired his red-on-red ensemble with an embroidered bomber jacket, adorned with pins from Japan, London, and the Laines. His plans for this evening? To party all night long, and swap his Hawaiian top every hour to see if anyone notices.

Henry & Amy

Friends Henry and Kate were out on the town having an afternoon stroll in the North Laines. Henry said he dressed in preparation for the forecasted rain, pairing a black trench coat with sturdy, yet highly fashionable, teal waterproof trousers. Amy’s carefree ensemble featured a paisley printed top and statement belt combination that resulted in an unmistakably 70s look. Henry said one of his main style inspirations is Oscar Wilde, and his winged-shoes were purchased after El­ton John’s (Taron Egerton) rocked them in Rocket Man.


Roisin works at Beyond Retro in the North Laines and truly knows her way around the style game. She says she gravitates towards quite “kitch” accessories, and is really into the 90s Tarantino Vegas vibes. Her retro inspiration does not stop there, as she’s also inspired by true Romance, the 80s and “ugly 70s patterns”. She was going for a layered necklace look, with her “tacky” take on the infamous Titanic necklace being pride of place. A true 90s throwback.

Jorge & Michelle

Jorge and Michelle say they always favour vintage threads and sustainable clothing. They both love to amble around “To be Worn Again” to find the best retro looks. Jorge purchased his one-of-a-kind embroidered jacket at a festival last year, and paired it with blue shorts today. He said colour is always a must in his look, with pastels usually taking pride of place. No matter how colourful the outfit, Jorge will pair it with white socks and Vans without fail. He reckons they’re the most trusty footwear out there.


Mickey finds style inspiration from “This is England”, especially the character of Kelly, as well as 90s grunge. Though not necessarily a reflection of her wardrobe as a whole, Mickey’s style icons include Annie Lennox, Stevie Nicks and Steven Tyler. Mickey loves 80s and 90s fashion, eccentricity, patterns and unique pieces that “look as though no one else would wear them”. Mickey’s key accessory? Juggling pins. Now that’s style.


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