Brighton vs Brighton: Looking At Namesakes Across The World While Stuck At Home  

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Whether it is the Royal Pavilion, the Palace Pier, the seaside location or the liberal mentality, Brighton is a city like no other.


Yet while this Brighton possesses a unique blend of culture and opportunity, the name itself is shared by many places across the globe.


Citizens of America, Australia and even Trinidad and Tobago all have their own Brighton to call home that is very different to the one you are used to.


The United States actually houses 28 total locations bearing the name.


But while we are locked down here, what exactly does life look like in some of our more popular namesakes?


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Brighton Beach, New York


A stunning location in the heart of one of the most populous cities in the country, Brighton Beach is the premier getaway for anyone in the state and even the north-east area.


Nestled in the southern Brooklyn district, this neighbourhood is noted for its laid-back atmosphere with year-round attractions for all and a multi-cultural community that provides food and experiences like no other.


Also known as ‘Little Odessa’ due to being a popular settlement for the Russian community, it takes the name ‘Brighton Beach’ from our own city as it was designed to replicate the feel of home overseas.


It has become a must-see location for many who visit during the warmer climates when they can experience the full extent of what is on offer



Brighton, Michigan


The quirky and rustic charm of Detroit’s biggest suburb makes it a popular location due to the pure community feel.


Located in the heart of the Great Lakes, it is the perfect destination for those who both love a warm summer and cold, snowy winter due to its climate.


A renowned farmers market, Outdoor Sculpture museum and warm welcoming nature make it a midwestern haven that while may be a very different type of Brighton, is just as exciting to immerse yourself in.


Such is the ‘home away from home’ vibe that many locals believe you cannot stop by without a trip to ‘Cheryl’s Place’ for a locally renounced breakfast to remember


Brighton, Queensland


On the other side of the world lies a tropical paradise that feels miles away from colder and wetter British weather.


An established jewel on the Australian coast, Brighton sits at the most northerly part of the state and the country welcoming the beautiful Pacific Ocean.


Such is its beauty that sandy beaches and crystal blue skies occupy almost half of its border with the stereotypical Australian lifestyle waiting to be experienced.


There is no need for extravagance here as its parks, beaches and lifestyle are all the attractions needed to make it such a wonderful destination.



With all these incredible locations sharing the same name, it is undoubtable that Brighton represents some of the best places in the world while being so different from the one we know and love.


They also provide some frustrating inspiration for interesting travel opportunities once we can board planes and travel once again.




Photo Credit: Paulo Silva


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