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Brighton Journal | 26th May 2020

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Travel and Transport

“A perfect storm is brewing”: Greens raise concerns over beach use on bank holiday weekend

21st May 2020 |

As the May bank holiday weekend approaches, Green Councillors representing city-centre seafront wards are raising concerns over the use of the beach as they anticipate a large number of visitors. 

Brunswick and Adelaide ward councillors have also emphasised that … Read More

Conservatives criticise Labour over £181K payout in home to school transport mess

20th May 2020 |

Documents retained by Conservative Councillors in a Freedom of Information request revealed that the Labour council entered into an early termination agreement with Edge Public Solutions LTD. This agreement allowed the consultancy to keep £181,000 despite their unsuccessful efforts.

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Beautiful staycation spots for your post-lockdown getaway

19th May 2020 |

With international travel a distant and unlikely prospect this year, holidaymakers will need to turn their attention to getaways closer to home. A staycation boom is on the horizon; once lockdown restrictions are lifted, Costa del Sol will be swapped … Read More

A new era for cyclists as government funding plans announced 

18th May 2020 |

There was some good news for cyclists recently, as the government and local authorities, including Brighton and Hove City Council, announced plans to invest heavily in infrastructure for cycling and walking. 

Written by Laura Ferguson 

The announcement was made by … Read More

Here’s why you should visit Peru in 2021

16th May 2020 |

Peru is the land of ancient Inca architecture, wild landscapes, colourful tradition and Paddington Bear. It is a country with a history and culture so vibrant that it overwhelms your senses and leaves a stamp on your heart. It is … Read More

Travelling from South to Anatolia – Part 2

14th May 2020 |

Written by Sila Kiss

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” Gustave Flaubert

In my last article we travelled from Fethiye to Antalya. In this article we will start from Antalya, the … Read More

The Beauty of Penang

10th May 2020 |

Penang, an island fondly named the ‘food capital of Malaysia’ and ‘Pearl of the Orient’ and designated UNESCO heritage site in 2008 is a paradise with no shortage of natural scenery and cultural sights, alongside its year-round thirty-five degree exotic … Read More

Caravanning Amid Continents: Turkey, From South To Anatolia

9th May 2020 |

Written by Sila Kiss

The weather is hot enough, people are laying on the beach, sipping from their drinks. Nobody is here except the locals or spiritual travellers. This is Fethiye, which has lots of little valleys stretching towards to … Read More

How to stay inspired during a year with no promise of travel

7th May 2020 |

As time has passed and days have turned into weeks, the prospect of summer holidays and travel plans has started to look more bleak; the news is a daily reminder of border restrictions, airlines in crises and, quite rightly, the … Read More

The Future of Travel After Coronavirus

7th May 2020 |

As anxieties about the Covid-19 virus persist, the question is how society’s behaviour will change with regards to travel and tourism. Ironically, the absence of tourists only highlights the prevalence of the typically resilient industry’s importance to the UK … Read More