Celebrate international coffee day this weekend

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I think for many of us we need no additional excuses to make our own coffee or to order a coffee from a coffeehouse but in honour of October 1st for international coffee day and if you are anything like me you didn’t get the chance or maybe you didn’t realise coffee had its own honouree day then why not make it a plan for the weekend to find and visit a coffee house or make our own speciality coffee with your friends or family.

Around the world coffee is one drink that unites many people together to share their love and passion for the perfect caffeine rush. From the home of where Starbucks originated from in Seattle to sitting in a café on an open street in Rome to exploring one of the many cafes in Brighton and the Hove. I have created a list of five coffee ideas and cafes to visit and create over the weekend for you to take part in the love ou share for coffee.

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Late

As the start of October is upon us there is no better time to welcome the autumn months then with your very own homemade pumpkin spice late to get you into the autumn spirit.

There are many recipes to try and be creative with but it personally I think its best to create the festive drink first and then become even more creative if you wish once you have perfected the original spicy late. This can be fun as a family too as you can make the caffeine amount as strong or as weak or even none existent as you wish for the little ones to help and have fun with.


*2 cups of milk – diary or non diary

*2 tablespoons of pumpkin puree

*1- 3 tablespoons of sugar – depending on how sweet you wish to have it

*1 tablespoon vanilla extract

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*1/2 teaspoon of pie spice

*1/2 cup of strong hot coffee

*Whipped cream for serving.

A trip to Starbucks or Costa

Okay, I know this subject can be one which causes many light hearted fun debates amongst friends, family members and partners – which one are you Starbucks or Costa?

Costa which originated from the UK has been very successful and is even international which people may not often realise as it has numerous houses in Dubai. Personally I think the brand would do wonders across the globe with its English heritage and even maybe become a competitor to Starbucks on a worldwide scale.

Starbucks of course on the other hand is a worldwide recognised brand originating from Seattle, USA where to this day draw thousands of visitors each year just to the coffee roaster alone in the city.

Regardless which one you prefer both coffeehouses are equally as good as each other and offer different flavours with their own style. And another thing in common is they both can get very busy even more so now with recent events so if you were planning on making a visit don’t be dishearten if you have to get the coffee to go, a coffee is better then no coffee at all.

P.s if you like sweet coffees try the new autumn ranges.

Redroaster Coffee House, Brighton.

There are many beautiful cafes in Brighton and it can be difficult and challenging to pick just one from the list. But this café I have chosen for a number of factors.

One the café prides themselves on their unique in house coffee adapting to your needs for however you take your coffee. Whether it’s a strong espresso or a milky late they are sure to tend your needs. Secondly the café who are following the social distancing guidelines still offer an ample of space for people to enjoy their coffee date indoor or outdoor. And lastly the scenery in uncertain times it’s nice to surround yourself with positively know matter how the positively is expressed, so why not head down to the Redroaster this weekend.

If you want to be one step ahead you can book at one of the various cafés and along with your coffee you can enjoy a spot of lunch or dinner too.

Small Batch Coffee Roasters

“Come and Say Hello” is just one of the ideal was to say it how it should be said; I don’t think anyone can say as simpler and to the point as they already have.

Small Batch coffee roasters have various coffee houses around the Brighton and the Hove area. Due to their popularity they have expanded even further a field in various other locations. Their original espresso bar Goldstone Villas located in the Hove was the first of the coffee houses to open. Offering a selection of choices you can choose from however they do specialise in espresso shots specifically. So if your a true coffee lover and like a shot of caffeine straight, then this café is your go to this weekend.

Along with Goldstone Villas there is also Wilbury Road located in the Hove and Jubilee Street and Norfolk Square which are both located in Brighton.

Classic Homemade Dalgona Ice Coffee Recipe

If hot coffee is not your go to then why not try your hand at the infamous Dalgona Ice Coffee ideal to grasp your coffee hit with a refreshing edge. You may have seen over recent months if you are on social media a wave of coffee images and videos being

placed along side magazines of vogue or alone with their edgy style. But this ice coffee is slightly different to the one you may have an image of in your mind.

However you may have heard or seen this coffee one ting is for sure, the taste is amazing!


* 3 teaspoons of instant coffee

* 2 teaspoons of sugar

* 3 teaspoons of hot water

* An electric mixer

* A mixing bowl

* 400ml of Milk

* Ice cubes – as many as you wish to finish.

Have a fun coffee filled weekend.

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