The world’s first TV climate & nature election debate is taking place this Thursday


Channel 4 are holding the world’s first TV climate and nature election debate this Thursday (28th November) at 7pm.

Featured image: © Greta Thunberg at European Parliament

Three weeks ago Green Peace launched a petition, signed by over 200,000 people, calling for party leaders to hold a debate on the climate and nature emergencies. Now, this Thursday will see party leaders present their climate plans to the British public.

The push for the debate was led by student climate strikers and joined by over 90 organisations from a cross section of society, from trade unions to pensioners.

A majority of the British public now say climate change will affect how they vote, so this debate is thought to be crucial for many voters voting in the up-coming General Election.

Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon, Jo Swinson, Sian Berry and Adam Price have confirmed their attendance. The invitation remains open to Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.


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