Children’s Coats and Uniforms Needed in Community Focussed Charity Drive

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The next Community Wardrobe event will take place in Brighton on the 25th of November.

Organised by Brighton and Hove Coats for Kids, donations are being accepted at Libraries across Brighton & Hove, so drop off any of you unwanted or no-longer-needed coats and uniforms and help a great cause.

Organisers are also calling for plastic or cardboard boxes with lids and laundry bags to help store and organise donations.

Previous donors have swapped small uniforms for larger sizes, so if you’ve got little ones that are outgrowing their shirts and skirts, then maybe you’ll be able to refill the wardrobe without breaking the bank this winter.

Organisers had this to say about their event, and the cause that it supports:

“Child poverty and pressure on families is ever increasing. We were aware of the pressure on families back when we ran this project in 2013. Sadly, in terms of uniform costs little has changed for families except their overall living costs rising. One quarter of children living in Brighton and Hove live in poverty. This rises to 40% in Moulsecoomb and Bevendean and East Brighton. (2016)

We believe that as a city we must pull together and share what we have. Passing on coats and uniform is a simple way we help each other and ourselves to save money that can be spent on heating and eating instead.

We are therefore going to re-estabish our links with the neighbourhood projects in the city via The Trust for Developing Communities and with the foodbank projects throughout the city to try to get warm, waterproof coats out to children who need them. We are also going to collect uniforms, we really think secondary school uniforms are a pressure for families as so many are branded or restricted to one supplier for most items.

The project partner is now One Church who coordinate the school holiday hunger project –Chomp. We believe this partnership is really positive as the aims are the same. To relieve the impacts of child poverty in Brighton & Hove.

What we need:

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  • Places people can easily donate to – we would ask schools/ cafes/ shops/ pubs to consider having a basket available and displaying a poster.
  • We would ask schools to consider in the first week of term asking parents to send in uniform and coats kids have grown out of and either arrange a well publicised sale or ask us to come collect and sort it.
  • Warm, waterproof coats from 0 – 18 – woollen coats are difficult for people to afford to keep clean sadly.
  • Uniforms that aren’t damaged or too worn! Any school – any age group. However, particularly keen to receive secondary school uniforms and sports kit as this tends to be more expensive and more specific (ie parents can’t source from cheaper outlets)
  • Money – we haven’t yet set up our donations page but this will be set up next week! So if you want to run for us in a marathon, hold a cake sale (we love cake) or just pay the costs of a whole uniform for a child please follow us on twitter or like our new page on facebook to look out for details. We believe that we will need funds to provide shoes for some children for example. We cannot accept second hand shoes though …sorry. 😦

So sleeves rolled up.. working together we can make a vital difference this year.”

Please do donate if you’ve got uniforms or coasts that are no longer needed, and if you know anyone with access to a donation space, work within a school, or have some spare cash that you can donate to this worthy community oriented cause, then don’t hesitate.

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