What would the Conservative Party do for Brighton and Hove?


The Conservative Party are currently the largest party on Brighton and Hove City Council and last ran the council in 2011. They’re hoping to form the next administration, but what would Conservative councillors do for Brighton and Hove?

The Conservatives’ local manifesto is split into six areas; opportunity, education, health and well-being, transport, housing, and culture.


The Conservative Party would support schools, youth services, universities and apprenticeship schemes to help create jobs.

The party would encourage schools to embed digital and technical skills for all ages and ensure vulnerable children have access to education.

In addition, the Conservatives aim to close the gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupils.

Health and well-being

A Conservative-led council would work to learn lessons from areas with high life expectancy to improve health. They would deliver social care in a considerate manner to protect vulnerable adults.

The party would also promote walking, cycling and running for all ages to boost health.


The Conservatives would give people the freedom to travel for work and travel as they please, whilst reducing congestion and pollution.

They aim to put Brighton at the forefront of a transport revolution and make parking for local communities easier. The party wants to increase the use of bus travel and enable the provision of Park and Ride schemes.

They would also future-proof transport by installing more electric charging points, and promote walking and cycling.


The party would limit the building of new homes on the edges of Brighton and Hove to protect the South Downs. They would also listen to local residents and make sure new housing is sympathetic to the environment.

The Conservatives would help young people get on the housing ladder. They plan to do this by encouraging schemes, such as shared ownership and community housing.

On homelessness, the party plans to work with the community and voluntary sector to tackle rough sleeping.


The Conservatives plan to provide the leadership people need to help plan for the long term and would support people to grow throughout their lives.

The party would ensure Brighton becomes a sustainable city by increasing the number of electric charging points and reducing the use of plastic.

A Conservative-led council would aim to keep council tax increases as low as possible.


Conservative councillors would support new sports and waterfront developments, and promote the whole stretch of the seafront.

The party wants to restore pride in the city’s parks and streets and would support volunteers who help local areas. They would also set up a Brighton and Hove lottery to help fund improvements.

As well as this, the Conservatives would ensure the city’s tourist offering continues to attract visitors from around the world.


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