Coronavirus Conspiracists? Who is right and who is wrong

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Back in March, it was not uncommon to come across sceptics who believed that the risks associated with the coronavirus were being exaggerated. This became more dangerous in the following months with ‘pandemic’ disinformation media circulating online. As conspiracy theorists become more prominent in all of our lives, we begin to wonder, who are these theorists? What do they say? And should we believe them and who should we actually trust ?

Who Are The Conspiracy Theorists?

Many protestors in London clashed with police at an anti-lockdown protest in Trafalgar Square. Protestors formed human blockades to prevent police from breaking up the rally and, following a few altercations which was initiated by the police as it was a peaceful protesty , thirty-two arrests were made. The protestors were there laregely to defy lockdown while also protesting draconian laws that had been passed .Many now see the virus as entirely fabricated and some point instead to 5G mast signals as the cause of these symptoms. Some theorists believe that any vaccine found is bound to be a co-conspired ploy by the billionaires and elites to implant microchips inside of the population. And, some attendees were confident that all of these theories are true in some form.However it doesnt take you long to look at you tube video of Bill gates who takes about altering peoples DNA through vaccines.It is also very evident if you look beyond the Main Stream Media how many doctors , epidemiologists and scientists that are now questioning the coronavirus theory.The great Barrington declaration is just that and has been signed by over 8000 scientists and doctors and has asked for a complete new route to lockdown and the other draconian measures that governments all over the world have put in place.

As different as these people’s views might appear, they all share a central theme that something is being covered up. Most were united in the belief that COVID-19 is a hoax and the government is concealing the truth. Others attending the protest were less focused on conspiracy and instead strongly advocated against mask-wearing, calling for a lift of government regulations. There are many conflicting arguments on this and very difficult to decipher what information is right and what is wrong .A recent study in July by the CDC found that 70 per cent of mask wearers still got covid.

Dylan, 18, who attended Saturday’s protest, says: “Most of the people are mixing the message. It is no longer clear what we are trying to achieve by protesting. I was there to show my dissent for the government’s handling of the coronavirus situation. The main argument is that we don’t want another lockdown and to put an end to all coronavirus regulations. This is a test as to how well governments can control the populations. While at the same time, our freedoms are restricted, and our economy is crashing. Others who came to the protest show a mixed message on our front, jumping on the bandwagon to promote their own cause.

Why are these people perceived to be conspiracy theorists?

Conspiracy theory once held just a finite audience on the outskirts of conventional society. However, mass media has given conspiracy the grounds to emerge, becoming a cultural phenomenon in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, conspiracy theory is ‘a belief that some covert but influential agency (typically political in motivation and oppressive in intent) is responsible for an unexplained event’. The famous cases which immediately jump to mind include the CIA orchestrating JFK’s assassination, Area 51 housing aliens and the falsification of the 1969 Apollo moon landings. The main one being JFK and on closer inspection to believe that he was killed the way he was , you would be hard to pushed the believe the supposed truth.

What Do The Pandemic Conspiracy Theorists Say?

The so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ are vast and varied. Alex Jones, an American conspiracy theorist, known for declaring 9/11 an inside job and claiming the Sandy Hook school shooting didn’t happen, labelled the virus a ‘criminal grab’ from the very beginning. Viral videos circulated depicting his passionate exclaims that social distancing enforcement checkpoints are unconstitutional. Recently, his online comments suggested that President Trump’s positive test result may be part of some sort of ‘coup’. In a vlog this week, Jones theorised that the result could be a ‘false positive’, making room for a practicable assassination attempt. He explained that it was now possible for a Trump opposer in the White House to slip poison into the president’s soda, leaving people to assume that he perished from the coronavirus. It is the lack of evidence here that substantiates the unequivocal label of Jones as a conspiracy theorist. Jones had no evidence to provide in support of this theory however he has been correct on so many othe subjects and it is difficult to deny his following with his online platform receiving many millions of hits when he is broadcasting. In addition another well know conspiracy theorist ,David Icke , did many interviews on LondonReal on the subject of Covid , the lockdowns and the agenda behind it . The online platform received many millions of views and people tuned into listen to what he had to say and to date he has been extremely accurate on all his views . Quite an incredible turnaround considering he was a laughing stock 20 years ago.

Both broadcastes has made statements which have begun to seem as though they are more than just ‘theory’. In Jones’ original video claiming the coronavirus outbreak is a hoax, which has been viewed over two million times, he questions the number of people who died of COVID. He believes politicians were purposely throwing all deaths under the COVID label. Jones’s video describes the standards set out by the WHO to include deaths caused by heart attacks, cancer and other diseases to record coronavirus as a cause of death if the patient had been diagnosed. Coupled with the fact that the pcr tests are now at 93% meaning that anyone who tests for covid ie 93% dont have any symptoms and are in fact healthy. So a virus so dangerous you have to find out if you have it ?

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Jones wants the public to question what these fear tactics are being used for. Has liberty in the westernised world been under attack with governments around the world co-conspiring to regain control of their populations through psychological means? With entire nations abiding by the strictest regulations seen in generations, will we begin to become more subdued and manageable as citizens? The response to the coronavirus crisis has been draconian, and it is understandable for activists to worry that this threatens their civil liberties.

Vernon Coleman was, to the best of his knowledge, the first to use the word ‘hoax’ to describe the coronavirus pandemic. He now promotes his understanding of these circumstances online and through leaflet distribution. You may recall this name from posters pinned in your local park, shop or lamppost as Vernon instead asks his supporters to distribute leaflets to circumvent online censoring. He believes that ‘the coronavirus hoax is, in fact, a fundamental weapon’ and ‘a tool which is being used to frighten, to subdue, to oppress and to control’. The so-called conspiracists initially warned of increased controls and reduced freedoms which has taken place. The worry of a police state creating digital identities is in the process of becoming a reality in a number of countries globally. And, the move towards ‘test to travel’ by many governments shows unprecedented population control on a possible global scale. According to Vernon, among other conspiracy theorists, our vast host of enemies include the governments and politicians, the United Nations and the World Health Organisation and Bill gates along with other egocentric billionaires. If you look at what is happening now he is basically correct with a virus that has a lesser death rate than previous flu seasons and laws passed that have eradicated many peoples rights .

Many people are now looking the theories behind the Covid agenda. Things such as The Great Reset , Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2021 with universal income , digital currencies digital health passports to name just a few are of great concern

The bill that was passed Thursday the 14th of October basically  allows undercover police to get away rape and murder , ie it is not illegal if performing undercover.

The role and power of media is an essential topic for many with these unorthodox beliefs. The majority of social media sites and YouTube censor any propaganda of these alternative views and posts are taken down if they don’t fit with what the WHO promotes. Vernon points out that Gates is the biggest financial supporter of the WHO and that mainstream media silences the truth. He also believes the Microsoft founder Bill Gates deliberately created the pandemic .The digital identity organisation ID2020 has also been a focus of COVID-19 related conspiracy theories in association to Gates. If you look at what this company is about it not exactly hard to draw conclusions on what is his vision of the future . The non medical and virioligist seems to be at the forefront of the pandemic – a software owner – How does this actually happen? Well , he is also a big funder of the imperial college whose disastrous modleling led to the lockdown of the UK . Bill gates has also had direct ties and funding to 35 of the 37 of the sage memebrs and has to the tune of 40 million dollars that has funded Chris Whitty . He has patents on various vaccines for Covid and was a chief organiser and funder of event 201.

big beliver of vaccinating the global population the anti-vax activism movement attempts to educate the public on nanoparticles or microchips that can be injected into people under the mask of a Coronavirus vaccination. This would allow governments to create a global surveillance scheme. YouGov produced a poll which found that 28% of U.S. adults believe the story and 32% are unsure.

Should We Believe Them?

The facts become blurred, and it is easy to find yourself questioning whether famous conspiracy theorists should be labelled as such. With the rise in fake news, it has become difficult to believe anything we see online. One study even found that false information spread significantly further and faster than the truth, in particular when it involves politics. In this digital world, we must question things and look further into what we are presented with. But how far is too far? Alex Jones presumably went too far when he was issued a cease-and-desist order due to false claims that his diet supplements and toothpaste fight the coronavirus. Jones’ actions were described as monetising the fear and deception of the coronavirus outbreak. Thousands have been enticed by the array of theories debunking our uncertain state of affairs. It is partially due to heightened stress that we scramble to resolve this uncertainty and in doing so, begin to judge information less effectively. So long as your theories are based on fact, and you are not infringing on others’ freedoms, there is no harm in questioning what is the truth. However the fact is , THE NUMBERS SIMPLY ARE NOT ADDING UP IN THE UK . The second wave was clearly media lead . There has never been a second wave of anything similar ie sars , HN1 etc and so why induce panic when the reality is the disease is dying out but our media are inistent it is not. The real question is why .Mayors and governemnts worldwide seem intent on dessimating economies instead of shielding the old and vulnerable. 1.5 million cancer screenings ahve been missed, mental health is at an all time low and unemplyoment figures are set to rocket with bankruptcy going to become the new norm.

The media and government have created project fear and Ofcom have basically diasallowed any questioning of the governement line .The BBC use headlines and manipulate the numbers which would have you believe we are in the word pandemic in history and many of thousands of deaths will come when the reality is that you have a 99+ per cent survival rate . For this reason it is why so many doctors and medics are now questioning the global pandemic , the tests and the actual numbers that have been hugely manipulated. The so called coronavirus theories as a result of the covid that were talked about at the start and dismissed as crackpot ideas are now essentially happening . The digital health passports will be here to stay and already the media are taking about the vaccine . If you dont have that you may not travel.

People must remain aware that some of the coronavirus conspiracy theories are expedited by those looking to utilise the hysteria to promote their own interests. By exploiting the uncertainty, agents with ulterior motives attempt to push people closer towards polarising and politically

views through conspiracy theories. Crucially tho too , believing that the pandemic is a hoax could have large-scale negative health consequences if people stop taking action to prevent the spread of the virus. If you are not convinced by any COVID conspiracies but know someone who strongly supports them, you may find yourself distancing from them. It is better to approach people with alternate views to us by providing clear facts to counter their false ideas compassionately.

Psychologists studying conspiracy, point to the existential need to feel safe as a catalyst for the coronavirus theories. As a result, people become drawn to these views amongst feelings of powerlessness, and in times of anxiety. It is hard to come to terms with concluding that such powerful and destructive things could be so out of our control. As humans, we have for thousands of years sat comfortably at the top of the food chain and to be brought down at the hands of a virus makes us uneasy. More than that, many of us don’t want to believe that it can entirely be true. It is much easier to think rather that we are prey to the hands of some other human.

By Katie Fisher

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