Council pledges additional funding to restore Madeira Terrace

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The Council has announced that it will be providing an extra £200,000 of funding a year to the Madeira Terrace restoration project. 

This means that a total of £6.74m is now dedicated to the project, which aims to transform the  Terrace into a new sustainable leisure, social and business space, sensitive to its original design.

The story so far

Madeira Terrace is a Grade 2 listed, 865-metre-long stretch of seafront arches situated on Madeira Drive.

Originally built in the late 1800s, it has been closed to the public since 2012 as the structure has been degraded by the marine environment and is now unsafe.

In its heyday, however, Madeira Terrace was a beautiful covered walkway, enjoyed by Victorian and Edwardian tourists visiting the seaside.

Madeira Terrace, 1919.
From Brighton Museums.

A watershed moment

The announcement of extra funding has excited council group leaders and residents alike. Council leader Nancy Platts said:

Our community here in Brighton & Hove has been amazing.I want to give special thanks to the Advisory Panel set up to aid the project, as well as the Save Madeira Terraces Raffle Group for all their hard work, and to everyone who donated to the crowdfunding project.I consider this a watershed moment, all three parties have come together to find funding and resources for a masterplan, and this is a really positive step to help fund a reawakening for the Madeira Terrace arches. From Shelter Hall to Black Rock, this council is investing in and rejuvenating our heritage sites.

Jax Atkins, of the Madeira Terrace Advisory Panel, said:

I am gloriously happy to see the idea to raise additional money for Madeira Terraces has been approved by all parties and that they will now work together to ensure that this is realised.

Where is the extra money going?

In the first year, this £200,000 will be split into two pots for early planning work.

£100,000 will be used to fund the development of a ‘masterplan’ and enabling work for the Madeira Terrace, Black Rock and Gasworks sites, creating a joined-up plan for the seafront.

The other £100,000 will be used to fund design, feasibility and business case studies for exploring the commercial uses of the terrace, including estimating the likely income streams that could support management and maintenance and further restoration of the full structure in the future.

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What are your hopes for Madeira Terrace? Would you like to see it restored as a walkway, or transformed into a commercial space? Please let us know in the comments.

Featured image: © Geograph.

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