Courageous Disabled Cyclist Ends Historic Journey in Brighton


Natalie Wilson rounded off a staggering 97 day cycle at Brighton Palace Pier.

The cyclist became the first unaided disabled female to circumnavigate Great Britain.

Wilson is a sufferer of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. This causes disorders in connective tissues, and can range greatly in severity, potentially becoming life-threatening. 

Despite Wilson thinking that “5, 10 years ago, I never thought I’d get out of a hospital bed”, she has done the unthinkable.

Wilson incredibly cycled approximately 5000 miles to complete her journey.

Before departing she was sat in her Brighton hotel room, resting and “looking over the pier”. She still has “70 miles to cycle home” though, and believes it will “properly sink in” upon return to Berkshire.

Wilson traversing the UK

Natalie faced great challenges throughout her journey, experiencing the worst of the British weather. She generally camped during her trip, but had to pay for accommodation during such horrific weather events like the Beast from the East.

However, the end to her journey was a serene and fitting finish. Wilson said that it “felt special to finish in Brighton – I’ve visited a lot before and it’s so nice.”

Wilson fought through her struggles and got her reward. She has “dislocated her neck, her elbow and other joints”, but showed that you can always overcome your struggles.

Wilson’s amazing act has seen her raise nearly £8000 for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome UK, a cause she feels “is under-diagnosed and misunderstood”. Hopefully Wilson’s feat can help to put EDS on the map, and fight stereotypes about what a disabled person looks like.

Help Wilson hit her target of £10,000 by donating here:


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