Drop In Day For Brighton Homeless

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A National Citizens Service team is planning a drop in day for homeless people in Brighton.

This social action project is aiming to combat stigma and make people more aware of the issue.

The charity, Crisis, recently predicted a rise of 76% in homelessness in the next decade in Brighton.

Brighton and Hove has recorded 144 people as homeless, which is the second highest number of homeless people outside of London.

The NCS group have raised £320 so far which is just under half of the £750 they are trying to raise to buy sanitary products, food, blankets, coats and money to rent a venue to hold the event.

They also hope to get local businesses involved to offer hygiene services like haircuts, dentists and doctors. As well as a safe place for these people to get support.

Vegas Honey, a team member has been trying to get people to donate; food, clothes and things for what they call Hug Bags which contain toothbrushes, deodorant and more.

If you’d like to get involved or learn more you can visit their JustGiving Page here. Or you can drop off donated items at Lizzie’s Cafe just off of Lewes Road. They will also be holding a bake sale at the Open Market on Monday from 9-5pm to raise money.

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