Enjoying a Very British Summer in Brighton with Seafood and Scuba Diving

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It’s set to be a warm summer in 2024, so the people of Brighton and Hove and many from across the south coast and the rest of the UK will be flocking to Brighton beaches. Of course, many will spend their days on the sand, but the best of what Brighton has to offer its British patrons are the seafood restaurants and the incredible experience of scuba diving.

Brighton is blessed with a diverse array of underwater fauna that enables restaurants to sustainably fish and offer fresh local dishes and lets scuba divers see some incredible underwater scenes, and all without paying to go overseas. This is the guide to going all-out on a British summer in Brighton!

Eat the finest British summer dishes

Naturally, fish and chips are what comes to mind for British summer food – especially down by the beach. It’s an undefeatable combination, but Brighton’s dotted with some excellent, more fine dining experiences that are just as British. After all, if you like fish and chips, there’s a good chance that you’d enjoy other seafood and, maybe, even the most luxurious of all seafood.

Lobster is often hailed as the king of seafood. So legendary is the crustacean in dining that it’s even spawned its own hit slot game. Amongst the Drops and Wins online slots, Lobster Bob’s Seafood & Win It! has instant appeal for its UK players. Naturally, there are the jackpots, but the lobster offers a sense of class, and seafood is always a big menu pusher.

While restaurants across the pond are more famed for lobster, you can get the iconic dishes right here in Brighton. The Salt Room is the natural go-to choice. Much of the menu is locally sourced seafood, which includes lobster. Next, on the seafront, you could try the Copper Clam for its famed shellfish platter – which includes lobster. For more seafood restaurants in Brighton, check out The Urchin or The Coal Shed.

Delving into the depths

You don’t have to fly out to the Asia Pacific or the Caribbean to enjoy some incredible underwater experiences with your scuba gear on. In fact, it was only earlier this year that a snorkeler hit the headlines for his findings and subsequent fame that came from diving into the sea from Brighton. Scuba diving, naturally, offers you even more time beneath the waves to enjoy the unforgettable scenery.

Of course, many people will think that the water’s too cold, but if you get the right gear – like a thick wetsuit for summer outings – you’ll be perfectly fine. Plus, you can get to grips with the whole process in Brighton. Oyster Diving School Brighton on Church Street is more or less directly inland from Brighton Palace Pier. Here, you can make the most of the five-star PADI Scuba Diving Instructors and become confident enough to venture out on your own adventures at your leisure.

Whether you want to spend your time under the waves or enjoying the locally sourced bounty at one of many top-class restaurants, these are the ways to enjoy a very British summer by and in the sea.

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