Extending Lockdown Is An Overreaction To Hysteria

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There is no doubt that the Coronavirus pandemic remains at a critical stage in terms of the public recovery.

Deaths are rising slowly, infections have risen at an increasing rate over recent weeks and the threats of more and more new variants is a constant worry for all.

Yet, the ongoing panic has been commonplace for months, with a constant stream of dissenting voices being ever present no matter what decisions is made.

When lockdown was eased, the scientists and concerned citizens said it was too soon, when it was re-enforced, we had protests over civil liberty violations and businesses claiming they were being mistreated.

In the current climate, to extend lockdown appears less about protection and more about calming those who continue to voice strong opinions.

Scientists are never going to think about the economy. Their sole purpose is to test the risks, monitor the rates and report about the negative impact that the virus has and will continue to have on us all.

Caution is crucial, however four weeks will not provide the kind of protection or stop the virus in the way we want it to. What it does is simply allow those voices more time to make further claims that we should stay here, or even revert back into tougher restrictions.

Our vaccination process is working incredibly well, infections are still going down and even in the face of this new Delta (Indian) variant, both Pfizer and Astra Zeneca are seen as being highly effective in preventing infections.

We must keep working to get every adult vaccinated, we have to work to provide an environment where we can safely allow venues to open before the industry falls flat after more than a year of little to no income.

We need to ignore international pressure and vaccinate our children before we send our supply out, because while they might not be affected by Covid as much as the older generations, they definitely are a key part of the transmission process that must be stopped.

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Covid will never disappear, it can only be managed and prevented in a way that no longer cripples our society.

Four weeks won’t change that, taking action to create safe and efficient processes rather than keeping the country in a state of constant fear will.


Photo Credit: Nick Fewings

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