Fancy A Loaf Of Real Wholesome Bread ? It’s Real Bread Week !


Are you sometimes fed up with that quick buy sandwich toast or that packed loaf of white bread we all tend to put into our shopping bags when walking through the supermarket aisles? How about banning supermarket bread from your weekly shopping list and giving yourself a week of delicious homemade bread?

No processing aids! No additives! The nationwide Real Bread Week is all about celebrating real bread and its makers. Here are a few tips on how to get your hands on some really good bread in Brighton.

Credit @ The Flour Pot Bakery.
Credit @ The Flour Pot Bakery.

The Flour Pot Bakery – Five addresses in Brighton & Hove!

Small or large-seeded rustic, small white sourdough, sunflower rye, walnut rye… The choice is yours. The Flour Pot bakery offers a wide range of freshly baked artisanal bread loaves and with five shops all over Brighton, one of them in Sydney Street, you can be sure there is one close to where you are.

To find out where they are located, click here.

Credit @ Real Patisserie.
Credit @ Real Patisserie.

Real Patisserie, Real Bread!

If descriptions like “baked in a stone decked oven giving a wonderful crust and gorgeous caramelised aroma” also make your mouth watering, then the Real Patisserie probably is a good address for you to head to. This authentic French Patisserie offers a range of no less than 17 different bread types, from traditional sourdoughs to artisan baguettes to authentic Italian focaccia.

Only last month, the Real Patisserie store in Kemptown was given a gold award by the British Sandwich and Food to go Association in the Independent Bakery Sandwich Retailer category.

Other than Kemptown, Real Patisserie stores are located in Trafalgar Street, Western Road, Brighton’s Open Market and in Shoreham by Sea.

Credit @ Real Patisserie.
Credit @ Real Patisserie.

Roll up your sleeves and get your hands on that dough!

Why not really get into it and try to bake your own bread. A little bit of time and some effort when kneading the dough. That’s all it takes and believe me the results will be rewarding! For those who really want to get into baking their own bread, Real Patisserie in Kemp Town offer monthly baking classes.

Homemade rules! Just give it a go!

If you only just want to give it a go and change your habits for a week, there is nothing stopping you from it. If granny could do it, so can you. For easy to follow recipes, see here.

Happy baking!



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