Five Reasons to Work at an American Summer Camp

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If your summers are spent earning money to survive between University terms or stuck in a dead end job that you don’t want to be in, perhaps a summer in America would be perfect for you. Organisations such as Camp America, Camp Leaders and CCUSA specialise in securing work placements at American summer camps, offering an experience of a lifetime that enriches both your personality and knowledge.

Here are 5 worthy reasons to work at a summer camp this year:

Meet New Friends

  1. American summer camps bring together staff from all over the world. You will meet people of different ages from numerous continents, learn about various cultures and build friendships that will last a lifetime. Meeting these people will spark a discovery within yourself, as you learn how to deal with people from different backgrounds and realise the type of characters you bond with best. These people will become useful throughout your life, as you stay in contact over social media and have a place to stay upon visiting one another’s country.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

  1. The experience will be something daunting and unrecognisable to you, but it’s important to embrace it and make the very most of your time away from routine life. It’s a chance to step outside your comfort zone and improve yourself not only a person, but as a friend. Dealing with new people and new activities can cause discomfort but once you relax and challenge yourself to take on the unknown, the benefits from being bold and stepping forward when others hide away, will soon become clear as you add another layer to your personality that is forever under construction.
Memories made at Summer Camp
Memories made at an American Summer Camp

Be a Role Model to Children

  1. The children are obviously there to have fun but by no means would their experience be anywhere near as enjoyable without the members of staff they look up to. Once building friendships with the children, it is your job to set a good example and become a role model for the younger generation. As a camp counsellor, your job is to ensure these children have the best summer they can possibly have and the rewards taken from this are priceless. It works both ways, your summer wouldn’t be the same without their input and the lasting benefits will provide both parties with memories to treasure.

Go Travelling After Camp

  1. Once your work at the camp is complete, your J1 Visa allows you enough time to travel around the states, adding to your summer experience as you take in some of the world’s finest attractions. Whether you travel down the East Coast to visit New York, Washington DC and Miami, or head West towards San Diego, Las Vegas and San Francisco, the opportunities are endless thanks to the diversity America has to offer. Organisation in the lead up to your travels is key and as long as you plan it correctly, memories will be made as you conclude your summer in style.
Fun trip to Orlando after Summer Camp
Fun trip to Orlando after Summer Camp

And Finally, It Looks Great on Your CV

  1. Working at a Summer Camp shows employers that you are independent, enthusiastic and not scared of stepping outside your comfort zone. Dealing with people of all ages and different cultures is something not all people will experience within the workplace, therefore this is another box ticked as you also demonstrate to employers your drive to step forward and do something different. Your qualities as a leader, team player and role model are put into practice whilst working at a summer camp, which are all attributes employers look for when hiring.

 Here are links to Summer Camp recruitment organisations:

– Camp America

– Camp Leaders

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