4 Fun And Budget Friendly Ideas To Spend The Day Outside In Brighton!

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One thing’s for sure, as soon as summer comes and the weather gets nice no one wants to stay inside. We want to go out, explore and have fun with our families or friends but depending on what you want to do this can easily get really expensive. If you are on a budget and still want to spend an amazing day outside, then this is for you!

The clocktower would be a good place to hide a clue!
The clocktower would be a good place to hide a clue!

It’s not about the treasure, it’s all about the hunt!

How about organising your very own treasure hunt through the city? It might seem like it’s a lot of effort but if you are a little creative, this will be a piece of cake for you. Here is what you need to do to prepare a treasure hunt for one single group.

Define the boundaries of the area you want to use (we recommend you use a map of the city) and note down all the locations you want to use to hide clues. Then comes the fun part when you can let your creativity run wild and write down the clues that will guide the treasure hunters from one spot to the next one.

“Go to the place with the big clock!”, “The next clue is hidden in YROLA AVLIOPIN NERTAV”… What sort of clues you use is up to you. Once you got them all together, head out into the city and hide the little notes and of course, don’t forget the treasure.

A bag of sweets that the group can share is more than enough but make sure you hide them in a way no one else will find them before your treasure hunters.

Picture taken form here.
Picture taken form here.

Who says you have to go to the beach to get wet!

When it’s really hot and you’re already sweating like a pig doing nothing, a treasure hunt around the city might not be the greatest of all ideas. What you need then is something to cool you and your friends down.

Rather than heading down to the beach and trying to find a free spot on the shingles, how about this. Get the group together, fill some buckets, bottles or containers with water and head to one of Brighton’s park (we recommend Preston or Stanmer Park as they have big open spaces allowing you to get out of other people’s reach). On your way, stop at the shop to equip yourself with packs of balloons.

Once you’re in the park, fill a great amount of balloons with water and you’re ready for the water balloon fight of the year! Every player gets two or three balloons to start off with. Put the other ones in the empty buckets and put them in various spots all over the field where people can go and grab them during the battle.

Take your positions on different spots on the outer edge of the field and as soon as the signal comes, run off to throw your balloons at the next player that dares coming near you!

Just make sure not to forget to clean up after you! Balloon leftovers are not a nice decoration for Brighton’s greens.

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Be the first to have all the pictures together!

Thank god we live in the 21st century and our smartphones are all equipped with decent or even very good cameras because for this fun activity you will need them. So, get your smartphones ready and prepare for a lot of walking, running and taking crazy shots!

As for the treasure hunt, you need one creative person who does the preparation work. On little cards or pieces of paper, write down as many ideas for taking pictures at places or with other people all over Brighton!

All of us have probably taken one or two photographs of iconic sights such as the Pavilion or the Pier at one point in our lives, so don’t get stuck with the usual touristy stuff. Rather than just noting down “Get a picture of you in front of the Pavilion” be creative and challenge the photographers with tasks such as “Get a picture with three strangers standing on one leg in the Pavilion Gardens” or “Get a picture with someone else’s ice cream in your hand”.

When you’ve got as many cards together as you can come up with, divide the group into teams of two or three, distribute the cards and let the chase for crazy photos begin! Every time you have taken a photo, upload it to Instagram or Facebook to prove that you have actualy done it. The first team to have completed all their tasks win.

Preston Park is probably the best place for your tournament.
Preston Park is probably the best place for your tournament.

Friends against friends, husbands against wives, children against parents!

If you can manage to get a large group of people together (a group of friends, other families, your neighbours…), you have all you need for this fun day outside. The more of you there are, the more fun it’s going to be.

Brighton’s large green areas are the perfect grounds to hold your own little sports tournament. Rugby, football, dodgeball, frisbee… there are tons of team sports to choose from and there will definitely be at least one person in your group who has the ball or whatever else you need to play it. You can even play different ones throughout the day.

Simply decide for a game to start off with, form enough teams (why not let husbands play against their wives or children against their parents!), scribble down a little table showing the different matches and team scores and you are ready to kick off your own little tournament.

For a great day out, don’t forget to bring chairs, food, drinks and, if it’s hot and sunny, suncream and a hat.

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