Get Lips Like Kylie Jenner Without the Surgery!


So continues society’s obsession with the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Yesterday the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner posse released her own lip make up line called Kylie Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner. Imaginative. If you are excited by the prospect of having lips like Ms Jenner’s prepare to be disappointed because they sold out a speed saved only for when a middle aged rock band decide they want to do a comeback tour. The sell-out line included three shades of brown including Dolce K and Candy K, which are lighter nudes and True Brown which is…brown. They also come with a three-step system that will leave you with a look similar to Jenner’s. If only it included a three step guide to being famous without trying.


Not one to shy out of the spotlight, Jenner and her team had been promoting the products for a while, broadcasting teasers on all their social media outlets. From snapchat to posting exclusive behind-the-scenes footage on her website, if you paid for it. In the twenty four hours leading up to the official release, they released an entire Instagram account specifically for the products, which reached over 416,000 followers within the day.

This year has been defined by many things, the growing threat of ISIS, racial tensions in the USA, the rise of Jeremy Corbyn and Kylie Jenners lips. Her pout has been a blessing to beauty writers everywhere, with an abundance of ‘how to’ articles and many debates into whether they were really done by fantastic make up artistry or if they were done with the help our good friend cosmetic surgery. YouTube became a breeding ground for beauty vloggers to create their own lip liner tutorials, which gave a great platform for aspiring beauty vloggers everywhere. Until it didn’t. With the Kardashians comes controversy and Kylie Jenner’s lips started a trend in which teens who idolise Jenner tried to get lips like hers by sucking on a shot glass. The consequences were disastrous and led to some very stern words from Doctors. After the public backlash, it was announced on the reality show that she was using temporary injections, which aren’t technically classed as surgery.

Jenner has helped the rising beauty standard that big lips are favourable, which is good news for those who have been considered unattractive for their naturally big lips in the past. However, the rise in lip injections isn’t a great thing, but that’s what society says is attractive so we should do everything we can to look like that right? The legions of young girls that idolise Jenner will go to extreme lengths to look like her, that much was proven with the ridiculous lip challenge, so I suppose we should be thankful, lip liners are much safer than injections. You can buy the lip liner here for an affordable $29, though be aware of extra costs to ship to the UK.

Holly Martin

all images belong to Kylie Jenner/Instagram



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