Have Your Say: Last Chance to Contribute on Plans to Make Council Tax Fairer for Low Income Residents


It’s the last day (1st December) for Residents of Brighton and Hove to give their views on green councillors’ plans to make council tax fairer.

Council Tax Reduction (CTR) helps low income households manage.

Residents who pay council tax are eligible for support if their income and savings are below a certain level.

If passed, the proposal from Brighton and Hove City Council would see more financial support given to low income households.

The current maximum amount of CTR that can be claimed is 80 per cent of the Band D council tax rate.

This means that all working age people, regardless of income and circumstances, are asked to pay a minimum of 20 per cent towards their council tax.

The council is proposing to reduce this minimum payment to 18 per cent of Band D by raising the maximum discount rate to 82 per cent of Band D in 2021-22.

Residents also have the opportunity to give their views on the discretionary payments which sit alongside CTR. Discretionary payments reduce the amount of paperwork recipients need to complete by not asking for an additional application after residents have applied for Universal Credit.

A report, showed to councillors this week, highlighted the rising number of claims this year. With an additional £2.485m given out, making the scheme fairer this year is “more important than ever”, according to green councillors.

Proposals will go to all 54 councillors in January’s meeting of full council.

Councillor David Gibson, Joint Finance Lead said:

“The impact of the pandemic on the finances of many people in our city makes these changes more important than ever.

“With more people being awarded reductions, it’s clear there is a need for this scheme and these proposals will make the scheme even fairer and easier.

“We would encourage all to complete the consultation and have their say on these plans.”

If you would like to have your say please follow the link below:



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