Heading To Reading Festival This Weekend? Here’s Your Survival Guide


Reading Festival is taking place from the 25-27th of August this year. The line up includes so many names you won’t know which stage you want to go to most, from Eminem to Two Door Cinema Club there is something for everyone. These tips apply to all festivals so if you aren’t going to make it to Reading Festival you can use them else where. Boundary Festival is back in Brighton at the end of September so maybe you’ll be more interested in that! Either way here are our tips for surviving a festival…

  1. Don’t overpack if you are staying. You will regret bringing the alcohol and food and clothes that you don’t need. I’d much rather pay a few more quid for the luxury of no back pain… or less back pain?
  2. Be prepared for the crowd, especially if you don’t plan on getting completely wasted yourself you may be in for a shock to see how many young people are.
  3. Get creative with your outfits. Some may even get into fancy dress, but most likely you will see flower crowns, glitter, temporary tattoos and much more. So you may want to get out that headdress after all.
  4. It should go without saying but valuables are never meant to come to a festival. For obvious reasons.
  5. Pre-Drinking will be the key to having a good time and not having a dent in your bank account, booze is not allowed in the arena and sneaking it in is hard and random searches will be conducted so pre-drinking is your best bet!
  6. Just be warned that the toilets are no luxury. You may not notice though or you may be too intoxicated to care.
  7. Wear comfortable shoes! Oh and they will probably get ruined so wellies or an old pair of trainers is your best bet.
  8. Stay with your friends, getting lost with some random people may seem like a good idea but it is not. Remember what your mum said ‘don’t talk to strangers’.
  9. Ok yes you may drink a lot of alcohol but it is so important to stay hydrated. Keep drinking water please, all that dancing and drinking will lead you to passing out if you don’t hydrate!
  10. Pack a portable charger, you’re gunna need it for all the videos you will be taking and staying in touch with family and friends. And for when your phone runs out think about potentially bringing a pack of cards.


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