Hidden Hair Tattoos Are a Thing and They Are Great



Hidden hair trends are definitely a thing this year. First, there was under-lights, the easiest, and sneakiest, way to have beautifully coloured hair and get away with it whilst at work or school. Now, there’s hair tattoos.


Undercuts have always been associated with the ‘cool girl’. It takes a really cool person to pull of an undercut and look like a rock star. As if the undercut wasn’t enough to remind everyone that you’re a cool girl, they’ve now changed the undercut game with hair tattoos. Of course, we don’t mean inking your head that would be painful and far too permanent. No, we’re talking about your hairdresser designing a pattern in your undercut, hidden away until you put your hair up.

Kanye West has been the poster boy for hair tattoos for a while

Of course, men have been doing hair tattoos for ages, look at Kanye West and his many hair styles, so hair tattoos are not a new thing, but the fact that they’re hidden away underneath the rest of your hair just makes it that little bit cooler. This hair trend is a bit edgier than the others, which is why we love it. Check out some of our favourite hair tattoos below.



Holly Martin



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