“High Risk” Killer Who Escaped Mental Health Unit Found in Brighton

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Christopher Moxon, a convicted killer, has been found safe in Brighton. He was being detained at a mental health unit in East Sussex before he was reported missing.

After last having been seen in East Sussex’s St Leonards-on-Sea on Tuesday morning, he was discovered in Brighton in the early hours of Wednesday. This has brought great relief to worried local authorities.

The 40-year-old convict is detained indefinitely due to his unsteady mental state. He was at the mental health unit at The Conquest Hospital in Hastings before his disappearance. Moxon was originally convicted for the 2002 manslaughter of his then 21-year-old girlfriend Natalie Scott from Bognor Regis.

Moxon was not considered to pose a threat to the public despite the nature of his previous crimes. However, he was considered a high risk due to his poor mental health, posing more of a risk to himself.

Moxon is known to have a long history of mental health problems, with these issues subsequently causing Moxon severe delusions.

Lewes Crown Court, at the time of Moxon’s original hearing, was told that he had believed his girlfriend had been sent to kill him, leading him to commit the act of manslaughter when he was just 24-years-old.

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