Home Design Ideas and Renovations That Can Stop You From Moving Out of Brighton

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Although you might adore living in Brighton, with its array of unique shops and sights and its proximity to the sea, you might be unhappy with your current abode, especially if it is too small for you. If you cannot afford to buy a larger home in Brighton, you might be thinking about moving out of the city. For those who are reluctant to do so, here are some design and renovation ideas that could stop you from moving away from this vibrant Sussex location. 

A Loft Conversion

Do you have a loft in your home that currently sits unused and unloved? Why not convert this loft into a functional living space for you and your family? By doing so, you might be able to add an extra bedroom to your home or even create the office or entertainment space that you have always dreamed of. This can help each member of your family to have all the space that they need and can ensure that your loved ones can have some alone time whenever they need to. However, rather than trying to complete this loft conversion yourself, you might consider hiring a specialist loft conversion company that could help you to create your dream loft. Companies like Touchstone Lofts operate across the UK, including in Kent and Sussex. 

A Conservatory

Another way to expand your home without having to uproot your entire life is to build a conservatory. A conservatory can act as the perfect bridge between the outdoor and indoor areas of your home and can give you a space within which you can relax, socialize, and even grow plants that you would not be able to grow outside. However, you should be aware that conservatories can get extremely hot in summer and cold in winter, so you might need to invest in a suitable ceiling fan, as well as heating units that can keep this extra room at a good temperature for you and your family. An alternative to a conservatory would be to build an extension onto your home, even though this could be much more costly

An Open-Plan Layout

You can also stop your moving process in its tracks by scrapping the current layout of your home and opting for an open-plan one. Open plan layouts were all the rage a few years ago for a reason, and this is because they can make your rooms feel much larger and your home more spacious, without you and your loved ones constantly feeling trapped by unnecessary walls in your home. For instance, you might decide to have an open-plan living room/kitchen space where your family can gather and which can act as the hub of your home. 

Room Updates

If you are planning on moving because you currently find the rooms in your home boring and tired, you should update them before you even look into the house prices in other areas. You might decide to paint the walls of your bedroom, design a differently themed living room, or change out the fixtures in your bathroom. You might also decide to install new technology, such as a smart oven or smart lighting to bring your home into the modern age.

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