Hove Residents Unite to Oppose Eight Storey Block of Flats


Hove residents have come together to demonstrate their outrage at proposed plans to demolish current buildings to make way for a eight storey block of flats.

The original planning application was first submitted in late March, and outlines the developers plans to knock down the existing buildings, sitting at 239 – 243 Kingsway, which currently consists of three residential dwelling, in order to erect an “eight story building to provide 37 residential dwellings, with associated access, parking and landscaping.” These plans have been submitted by property developers ‘Agenda Homes Ltd’, a Chichester based building company.

This ariel diagram submitted as part of the application demonstrates the size of the proposed flats in comparison to it’s neighbouring buildings. Image via Council Website.

However, since the proposal was first published by the council, there has been almost 100 objections put in place by local residents, with a host of concerns, ranging from increased competition for parking spaces, to the possibility of sunlight being blocked into neighbouring houses and gardens.

One of the first objections, submitted by a neighbour living on the same road, claims that “the proposal of only being 6 metres away from number 6 Braemore Road is disgusting”.

The developers are proposing to demolish the buildings currently sitting at 239 – 243 Kingsway, Hove. Image via Google Maps.

Another disgruntled neighbour, whose property will be one of those that have to be physically separated from those planned to be demolished, has written to the council to outline her concerns over the distress that such invasive works will cause. “My mother in law is disabled and suffers with stress & anxiety. We also have 2x dogs to consider, who will be constantly distressed by the works.”

The concerns felt by local residents have also been echoed by the MP for Hove, Peter Kyle, who has also lodged a complaint against the plans, stating that “After listening to concerns of the community, I am concerned about the development’s impact on it’s neighbours”.

However, whilst the objections heavily outweigh any support for the proposed plans, a few neighbours have spoken up to support the plans. One has written that “Apart from the temporary inconvenience caused by this planned development I cannot see what short or long term harm or damage will be caused to me or my neighbours’ properties or interests.” She went on to note the potential positives for the proposed flats, such as updating the appearance of Hove seafront as well as providing much needed affordable housing.

What do you think? Will the new flats cause more unnecessary distress to neighbours, or should new housing be welcomed? Let us know.


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