How Architecture Affects The Value of Your House


Home buyers know exactly what they want in a house. Although other factors affect their choices and style, architecture remains top in their least. That is why the architecture affects your home’s value since buyers will be willing to pay more if they like the architecture or negotiate the price if they feel like it’s not what they want. Besides, some buyers may even walk away from the purchase just because the architecture is not up to their desire.

Therefore, ensure you go for the best architecture for your house to increase its value when it’s time to sell. Be keen on architecture preferences for home buyers and ask yourself if owning a split-level or bungalow places you on the top in terms of the house value. To explain the impact of architecture on your home’s value, the post will explore several home types and how they are selling.


They are quite interesting home styles. Although some will classify ranches and bungalows as craftsman, houses designated as a craftsman have unique architectural features that are distinct from ranches or bungalows.

The houses may take up to two months before selling on the market. As of 2016, the value of a craftsman was around $430,000. However, the price may vary depending on states and the demand. The architectural features of these houses may make them preferable to some and undesirable to others.


Those who owned contemporary houses and decided to sell in 2016 were not luckier than craftsman owners. The houses were not selling so fast, especially when owners expected to meet a deadline. They would take up to eighty days on the market before selling at about $340,000. Although the prices would vary based on state and the house’s location, there was no huge difference even on the duration they took to sell.


Generally, bungalows were quite on demand in 2016. However, the demand would vary depending on other aspects, like the location of the house. Those selling their bungalows at that time did not have to wait for long before the house would sell on the market. It seems like buyers were in favor of the house and liked the style. With high demand, we can say that bungalows were highly valued at that time.


The demand for townhouses is not so high but not so low either. It seems consistent over the years as some buyers would ask for them while others would not want anything to do with them. The market duration seems to be on average, leading to a fair value of these homes.


Ranch houses are considered affordable to many. As a result, house buyers operating under a budget will likely choose such homes leading to high demand. Their sales are pretty consistent over the years.

Other architectural features that affect the value of your house

Apart from the house’s style, other features may make your house desirable to buyers. As more buyers demand the house, the value of the house increases; therefore, these features greatly impact the value of your home.

Kitchen remodeling: Features like counter-tops, breakfast bars, sufficient storage in kitchens make up to the top of desirable features in houses. With such features in your kitchen build in modern designs, you will definitely attract buyers, thus high value for your house.

Bathroom improvements: Buyers are looking for modern bathroom improvements like a shower cubicle to prevent splashing water to the entire area. Other features include a bathtub that is spacious enough and excellent finishes.

Covered porches: Anyone living in a house without a porch and decides to buy a house and comes across one with a porch will be attracted to it immediately. Go an extra mile to cover the porch to improve the value of your home.

Fireplaces: In areas that experience cold seasons, a fireplace is definitely a plus. Buyers in such areas will prioritize this feature to make the winter season comfortable. Consider the feature in your house to have an easy time when selling it.

With research on the attractive features in the market, you value your house. Alternatively, you can link with experts who may offer free house valuation.


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