How Brighton’s Office Spaces are Going Green

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We must all do our bit for the environment. Now more than ever.

But living an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t just include your personal life; you must also hold your employer to the same high standard as yourself when it comes to sustainable practices.

Companies are now dedicating more resources to making their office greener. The primary tool they’re using? Smart building technology. Discover how Brighton’s offices are becoming more environmentally friendly, as well as the features and benefits of smart office technology, in our article below.

Innovative Eco-Friendly Practices in Brighton’s Offices

What exactly are Brighton’s new office spaces doing to make a difference? Below, we explore three innovative initiatives you might encounter if you step into a Brighton office.

Waste Reduction Schemes and Sustainable Building

Back in 2021, we reported that Brighton had one of the worst recycling records in the country. Now, new initiatives are aiming to change that. Brighton’s new office buildings are focusing more on recycling, encouraging collaborative spaces, and employing smart technology to reduce waste.

This waste reduction initiative also applies to new builds and renovations. By introducing modern technology, such as cloud-based security systems, builders can reduce the materials they use and throw away. Construction waste is minimised, as is physical wiring and the use of expensive or environmentally harmful materials.

Collaborative Green Spaces

Coworking and collaborative green office spaces are popping up all around Brighton. Rooftop gardens create urban greenery, shared kitchens reduce waste and energy consumption, and outdoor spaces promote employee wellbeing. It’s these spaces that mark the future of Brighton’s green offices.

Take Ethical Property, for instance. They offer three Brighton-based buildings where all kinds of businesses ー from charities and non-profit organisations to local community groups ー can rent a workspace. The company manages these premises in an eco-friendly manner, fostering collaboration and community among the city’s environmentally-conscious organisations.

Smart Technology and Energy Management

While technology has done so much to hinder the fight against climate change in the past, we’re now starting to utilise it in a way that helps the cause. Advancements in eco-friendly research have meant that Brighton’s office spaces can be equipped with the latest energy-saving tech.

We can use green technology to do revolutionary things with our offices. Innovative lighting systems ensure no energy is wasted while you’re not in the room, while motion sensors and smart business security cameras guarantee the safety and efficiency of your building. In other words, with smart building technology, you can make a positive impact on our planet.

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Brighton’s Smart Buildings

Brighton is becoming a leading city in green office spaces, and it’s all thanks to incredible tech. Smart building technology has meant that offices can operate at increased efficiency levels while saving energy and running costs at the same time.

So, what kind of smart technology is used in Brighton’s green offices? Here’s what you can expect from a newly refurbished, environmentally-conscious office space:

  • Temperature control
  • Air quality regulation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Fire detection
  • Heating and lighting control
  • Cloud-based parking garage cameras and office security cameras
  • Access control

What are the Benefits of Smart Offices?

The technologies listed above bring vast benefits to office buildings. For one, smart motion sensors and energy-saving lighting reduce energy costs by automatically switching appliances off when not in use. Plus, cloud-based systems eliminate the need for wiring, further reducing the overall carbon footprint of the building.

An artificial intelligence system ー which runs via smart sensors and microchips ー tracks and stores data from the entire office building. This lets you see where your energy consumption is highest, as well as which areas are overusing and wasting energy.

Green Fever: Not a Disease, But a Cure

Brighton’s office spaces are gradually entering the forefront of sustainable innovation. Green fever is sweeping through white-collar employment, and it’s something to be welcomed with open arms. Incorporating environmentally friendly practices in office buildings makes a markedly positive impact on the planet.

With smart building technology, offices can boost their eco-friendliness easily. Smart sensors, automated heating and lighting control, and cloud-based security cameras all help make a difference in the fight against climate change.

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