How Modest Fashion is Trending: Style Ideas You Can Try

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Modest fashion is a trend that involves wearing clothes that reveal less skin, something particularly important to those who practice religions like Islam and Judaism. However, this doesn’t mean that modest fashion is reserved for particular groups of people. The high amount of traction that this trend has received in recent years is proof that it can be enjoyed by almost everyone. 

Modest styles have been worn on famous fashion runways, and some of the most popular influencers on social media have been promoting the trend with zeal. Content featuring modest fashion has gained millions of views and likes on video-sharing platforms. Due to this strong engagement, many of the best designer brands have created entire lines based on this trend. Within the next two years, the modest fashion industry is expected to reach sales of 360 billion dollars. Based on this success, it’s safe to say that modest styles are here to stay. But what is it about this trend that makes it so well-loved by many around the globe? 

The Benefits of Modest Fashion

Women dress modestly for different reasons, like their religious beliefs, profession, and style preference. They want to wear clothes that make them feel safe and empowered. Modest fashion fulfills these needs by providing them with conservative garments that are cozy and functional without sacrificing style. The universal charm of modest clothing lies in its versatility and comfort. Since the pieces are simple and non-revealing, they can be confidently worn in any situation. You can easily wear them to work, parties, road trips, and so much more. This makes them both timeless and sustainable wardrobe staples.

Most modest clothes are loose-fitting or stretchable, which makes them easy to move around in. They also lessen your chances of experiencing wardrobe disasters, thanks to their no-fuss designs. This means that you can say goodbye to popped buttons, snagged fabrics, and accidental exposures, which often happen when you’re wearing very tight and short garments. 

Incorporating modest fashion into your wardrobe is quite easy. All you need are a few classic clothing pieces and some creativity when layering them. To help you get started, below are seven simple yet stylish outfit ideas that you can try: 

Dressy Tunic Blouses

Long tunic blouses in dressy styles are both modest and chic. They come in a wide assortment of patterns and colors, so you can add more variety to your wardrobe. You can get them in bold shades for playful looks or more neutral palettes for fancy occasions. You can wear your tunic blouse over a pair of black women’s leggings—as long as the top is long enough to cover your bottom. Pair this combo with some ankle booties or knee-high boots for extra coverage. This creates a modern yet understated look that’s hard to beat. 

Oversized Button-Downs

Oversized button-downs are the perfect balance between professional and casual. Most button-downs are made from soft and breathable fabrics, which makes them perfect for spring and summer. Their large and loose fit means that you can freely move around in them without exposing more than you want to. 

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Large button-downs pair well with most clothing pieces. They can either be worn alone or as an extra layer. For example, you can tuck them into high-waisted jeans for a polished yet casual look. Or you can wear them on top of your dresses and t-shirts. Elevate them with heels or opt for a preppy look with a pair of loafers. 


The turtleneck sweater is an autumn and winter staple. They’re not only comfortable, but provide maximum coverage for your neck and arms. This ensures that you’re all covered up and keeps you toasty in cooler temperatures. Not to mention, they look amazing with all kinds of bottoms and one-piece outfits. 

If you happen to have a long dress with a deep neckline or thin straps, you can throw on a turtle neck to transform it into a modest outfit. For a classy autumn look, you can pair your turtleneck with high-waisted pants and oxford shoes. You can also wear it under long overalls, a combination that’s both fun and youthful. To complete this outfit, pair it with a set of classic white sneakers. 


Outerwear is the cherry on top of every modest ensemble. Adding them gives your outfit some extra depth. You can also create new outfit combinations with the same sets of clothes by adding extra layers of outerwear. Keeping this in mind, below are a few essential pieces for your closet: 

Big Blazers

For an office-ready outfit, you can’t go wrong with an oversized blazer. They’re not as constraining as other blazers but still look sharp. Wear them over a maxi dress or pair them with palazzo pants and a crisp button-down. You can also wear them with jeans, a white shirt, and trainers for a casual yet put-together look. 


Cardigans are chic, modest, and incredibly comfy knitwear that can’t be skipped. Throw them on top of any outfit and you’re ready to go. Longer cardigans are great at providing extra coverage and warmth in cold weather. For a sleek and refined look, you can pair a black maxi dress and booties with a white, ankle-length cardigan. 

Maxi Skirts 

Maxi skirts are the epitome of modest and feminine fashion. These long and breezy bottoms are perfect for all seasons, be it summer or winter. For the spring and summer seasons, try opting for skirts with bright colors and floral patterns to match the festive atmosphere. In autumn and winter, choose eye-catching skirts with sparkly designs or metallic color palettes. Pleated maxi skirts in neutral colors—like olive or navy—are great for any season. Pair yours with a simple white t-shirt and pumps for a posh look.

Maxi Dresses

If maxi skirts are versatile pieces, then maxi dresses are convenient ones. While they can’t be paired with many tops, they’re very easy to wear. After all, you need a one-piece outfit that you can quickly throw on during busy days. Maxi dresses ensure that you always look amazing with little effort. Like maxi skirts, they come in a large variety of colors, patterns, and cuts. 

On that note, be sure that your dress has medium or long sleeves for good coverage. Even if you can’t pair your dresses with other tops, you can still layer them with jackets, vests, coats, and accessories. For instance, you can wear your dress with a trench coat, then pair it with sunglasses and a patterned scarf wrapped around your head. 

Loose-Fitted Pants

Having a few pairs of loose-fitting pants in your modest wardrobe is a must. They provide ample coverage, are very comfortable, and look amazing wherever you go. If you like denim, opt for a pair of baggy or wide-leg jeans. They can be paired with almost everything and don’t pinch you the way skinny jeans do. For example, a graphic t-shirt, leather jacket, and baggy jeans combo can be cool and chic. You can also pair your jeans with a button-down and knit sweater for a smart-casual outfit. 

Palazzo pants are a modest wardrobe staple. They’re loose, flowy, and come in all kinds of colors and patterns. Pair your pants with a simple turtleneck, open vest, and heels for a cosmopolitan look. You can also tuck in a blouse that matches the color of your palazzos, which will instantly turn your outfit into a chic jumpsuit. 

Modest fashion is all about choosing stylish clothes that don’t compromise your values, beliefs, and needs. It gives women the autonomy to choose what’s best for them, instead of trying to fit into an uncomfortable mold. With the right clothing pieces, you can stay fashionable, cozy, and most importantly, confident in your own skin.

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