How to create a sustainable work culture

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Full-time employees spend 40 hours every week in their workplaces. Every business depends on its workers’ performance and well-being. It is crucial to provide them with a comfortable environment to work in. Here we will list a few tips to create a healthy, sustainable work culture for your staff.

Create Horizontal Connections

The default hierarchy in the office setting vertically connects people. CEOs, executives, managers, and workers communicate with their seniors and subordinates. If this is the only type of communication people have, the atmosphere becomes stale and toxic. There will be grudges, miscommunications, and a perpetual corporate ladder grind. To avoid such a catastrophe, it is necessary to build horizontal connections between people. Groups formed outside the corporate hierarchy are much healthier and provide a space for conflict resolution.

Foster The Community

Team building events are important, but they are irregular and rare. Talk to employees and see what you can do to create communities within the workplace. The more common examples are gym discounts, foreign language courses, and various events. It is the easiest way to include people from different offices into one group and thus strengthen the work culture.

Design Spaces

Where do your employees spend the lunch break? Where do they get their coffee refill? These short breaks provide the best opportunities to connect and build social connections. Look for potential spots like this and make them more attractive: get a coffee machine, for example. 

Remote work shouldn’t be an obstacle in this case. Encourage your employees to communicate online in special chats, where they can freely exchange their thoughts and ideas on nonwork topics. Due to the pandemic, the number of relevant applications and messengers have skyrocketed. So, designing virtual as well as physical space has never been easier.

Fulfillment Is the Key

No free cookies, coffee, and beanbag chairs will make your employees happy if they are not satisfied with their work. Firstly, the work must be paid adequately. Otherwise, all other efforts are meaningless. Go through offered salaries and ensure your offer is competitive. It is not just about money, though. As human beings, we need to see the results of our labour to feel fulfilled. Make sure people know how their work impacts the business as a whole. They also need to understand their role in its success.


These recommendations are versatile and will work in most cases. But people usually know what they need. Approach employees and ask them what they would like to see in the office. Or throw an anonymous poll in the work chat and look at the results. Either way, customization to the needs of a particular group is key to creating a sustainable, healthy workspace.


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