How to pimp up your social life and meet new people in Brighton

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We probably all agree that Brighton is a great place to live. But let’s face it.There is no point living in the greatest place in the world if your social life is down to pretty much nothing. Here are a few tips on how to get to know new people in Brighton and make most of this awesome city. Whether you are new to the area and wanting to make some connections, or whether you have been living in Brighton for ages and looking to pimp up your social life doesn’t matter. Just check it out.

Try Meetup

Yeah I know. I can already hear you say “Back in the days we didn’t have internet, nor smartphones and people still managed to meet each other”. But this website is really worth trying out. Meetup offers you the possibility to join local meetups or to create one yourself. Simply sign up and create a profile where you indicate your interests. In a next step you can search for local meetups either by date or by category, like sports&fitness, language&culture or music. By clicking on “join us”, you can become a member of that group and take part in their events. You can also download the free meetup app here.

Signing up is free, but if you want to create your own meetup group, it will cost you 60£. That’s why some meetup hosts will ask you to pay a little admin fee when you take part in one of the events they are hosting.

I tried it myself and went to a language meetup with International Friends in Brighton and Hove in the Revolution bar. It was a really nice evening and I got to know some really interesting people from different backgrounds. There also is a weekly bar crawl that you can join if you are looking for new drink buddies. Just don’t be shy and try it.

Socialising in the city

On the basis, Citysocializer works like Meetup, except that the meetups here are called socials and that you have to pay 11,99£ per month to have a fully working account. That is to say, if you want to take part in socials, like Friday night drinks in Kemp Town or the new members night. However, signing up and creating a profile is free. If you have a facebook account you can even use that to sign in. Other members can then see your profile and contact you, or you can view their profile and drop them a line if you share the same interests. And even if you don’t want to pay for your account, you can still create a profile and join the Brighton and Hove community.

Last but not least… having a chat over a beer or two

No internet, no app, just the good old chat in the local pub. Going out to the pub alone might be a bit weird to start off with and it will probably take a little courage if you do it for the first time. However, you will be surprised how easy it is to get into a chat over a beer or two. Don’t expect to find your new best friend, although this might also already have happened, but if you are just after having a chat and a good night out, why not give it a go. So revisit your old small talk lessons and get out there.

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