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If you like tea and all sorts of these delicious little tea cakes just as much as I do, then here’s a new place for you to try out. “The avenue tea rooms” has only just opened its doors on Longridge Avenue in Saltdean. Other than light breakfasts and lunches, you can enjoy special afternoon teas with loads of mini-sandwiches and homemade little cakes.

"The avenue tea rooms" on Longridge Avenue.
“The avenue tea rooms” on Longridge Avenue.

When you enter the room, it almost feels like entering your own living room. Cute little accessories everywhere, bunches of flowers on the tables and flowery wallpapers. An entire shelf of ‘good luck’ greeting cards gives away that the place hasn’t been open for very long. It was only last Tuesday that Terry and Bridget opened their new tea room for the first time.

tea room interior

They are four to actually own this place. Originally from London, Bridget, her partner Eddie, Terry and his partner Ivica got to know each other when they moved to Brighton three years ago. When asked what has made them come to Brighton, Terry and Bridget both say that they have been coming down to Brighton for years and have always enjoyed being here. “We just love it here. I just love that I can be in the midst of all of what’s going on in the city. And then I can just step back and be here and I have sheep in the back of my house. I got the best of two worlds here”, Bridget explains.

Being both retired now, Bridget and Eddie were looking for something to keep them busy. “We used to go up and down Longridge Avenue and we just said ‘wouldn’t it be nice to have a tearoom around here?’. When their two friends heard about their idea, they immediately were keen on joining them.When they heard that the place was available, a simple ‘Let’s just go for it’ from Terry was all it took to wrap up the project. “There was no kind of ‘Let me sleep on that’. We just said ‘yes’ straight away”, Bridget tells me.

Once they officially had their names on the contract, they all had their fair share when renovating the place. “It has an input from all of us. We all went to do some shopping and Terry’s partner is really good with colors and decoration. And then my husband sort of put it all together”, Bridget laughs. And the best part, they got almost everything from charity shops.

Just to give you some ideas of what you can expect.
Just to give you some ideas of what you can expect.

Then last Tuesday, “The avenue tea rooms” welcomed its first guests. On the menu, there are light breakfasts and lunches and traditional cream teas. But above all, they offer special afternoon teas. Scones with cream and jam, lots of little tea cakes, a selection of finger sandwiches and of course tea. So it’s up to you to decide whether you want to have the full treat or just a slice of one of the homemade cakes. They even have a selection of gluten free ones.

Who wants to have a little treat?
Who wants to have a little treat?

Not sure of where to go for your next afternoon tea? Why not try out “The avenue tea rooms” on 59 Longridge Avenue in Saltdean? To have the special one, please make a booking in advance. You can call them under 01273304007.


Opening hours (yet to confirm): Tuesday to Friday 8:30am till 5pm, Saturday 9am till 5pm and Sunday 12am till 5pm.




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