How’s Your Motivation?


Happy Saturday everyone. Today we are exactly four weeks into the 2017 and, perhaps for some of us, the initial enthusiasm and drive to make positive changes in 2017 is being to dry up and our resolutions may have even already fallen to the wayside.

Nothing usual about that you may think, however, this year IS different because 2017 is a Number One Year. Add together 2+0+1+7 and you get 10: 1+0=1.   A Number One year heralds a new cycle of evolution both for ourselves and our world. The year itself has a strong energy of new beginnings, so even if your resolve to diet, exercise or not drink alcohol has waned, please know there is a larger cosmic force at play that means some significant changes will appear in your life by the end of the year. Your task is to become aware and harness this energy to consciously steer the wave towards a wanted outcome.

We can see the manifestation of new beginnings clearly in yesterday’s inauguration of the new president in USA. There is a shakeup happening globally. Change is often unsettling and in new situations we feel our world wobble and lose our stability. Being in an unfamiliar (= unsafe) scenario naturally activates our fight or flight response thus producing a state of increased adrenaline and fear making us feel unsafe. Interestingly, alongside new beginnings a Number One Year is also associated with security, safety and feeling grounded and rooted.

The big question here is how can we anchor ourselves securely and create a strong, supportive foundation for our life when it seems the world around us is so uncertain?

I have three answers!   Meditation, Movement, Motivation

Meditation. We all know, in theory at least, that mindfulness and meditation help us generate a calmer, more peaceful state of mind, relieving stress, worry and anxiety. Perfect reasons for devoting 5/10 minutes a day to turning off all the digital devices and focusing inwards. In addition, meditation brings you fully into the present moment and into your body. Right here, right now – ask yourself….do you have everything you need, are your basic needs met, are you in a safe place? If yes, then enjoy and embody this feeling of being supported by life and feeling secure.

Movement. The issues of a year one are about physicality and belonging in the world. In order to find your unique place in the world I highly recommend engaging in a physical practise; yoga, tai chi, walking in nature or DANCE. In the Vital Development mindful movement method there are a large number of exercises designed to connect us to the earth, to enable us to feel more rooted and embodied, to increase our capacity to enjoy the sensations of our body and exercises with a very clear objective to support our experience of being held and feeling safe in life.

Motivation or PASSION. Number One is RED. Red is passion. This is a year to start a nine year process of re-inventing yourself. So choose to do the things that excite you, spend time with people that “turn you on”, focus on activities that you love and visit places that energise you. Our time on earth is precious and we are here to live fully, with passion and joy. Work out what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning and prioritise that in your life.

I think 2017 is going to be a magical year, it has a freshness to it that encourages us to leave behind self-doubt, insecurities and lack of confidence in our abilities. In a world where things seem to be in chaos or breaking apart remember the Leonard Cohen lyrics from Anthem…..

“Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in.”

We will connect again in two weeks – with a hug Helen <3


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