Humans of Brighton – Kate, A Brighton Florist


How long have you been a Brighton resident?

“I have lived here for 8 years. I work here. My husband wanted to move here, from Brimingham who’d never been before. We went round all the flower shops because I said I wasn’t coming here without a job, so we walked into my boss’ shop, the shop down the road, and he pretty much offered me the job straight away.” “Within a month we were moving” “(I had) No idea” what it would be like, “it was very much on a whim”.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

“I like exercising, I do a bit of running, and standup boarding. I do it in the sea but only when its summer, I’m not that brave!”

Have you seen Brighton change whilst you’ve been here? 

“I think there’s been a rise in homelessness, there used to be homeless people but they were never as intimidating. When we were in London for the Olympics there were all these homeless people with blue blankets and we couldn’t understand what they were all doing there. They were sending them away to make London look good for the olympics, I think some of them came to Brighton. I don’t know if they couldn’t afford the train ticket back home or what.”

Do you enjoy your job? 

“Yeah I like working here, it is lovely, I love flowers so its great to be around them all the time.”


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