Humans Of Brighton – Meet Future Film Editor Özge From Istanbul!

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When walking through Brighton’s streets this week, we saw her unchain her bike from the railings near the Victoria Gardens. It’s only been three months since Özge came over to Brighton from her hometown Istanbul but she already loves it! We had a chat with her about her time in Brighton and her plans for the future!

Hi, Özge, nice to meet you. How long will you stay in Brighton for? I will stay here for three years. I want to go to Hove College and pass a diploma there but at the moment, I am still going to a language school here to pass an IELTS exam to prepare for college. I still have three months left of the course there and then I can apply for college.

What sort of diploma do you want to pass at college? When I was in Istanbul, I studied photography and paint and learned how to create illustrations and how to edit photographs. So, I decided to learn how to edit videos as well and I chose to come to Brighton because it is quite similar to my city with the beach and all that and also because it’s a good place for young people.

Can you tell me a bit more about that diploma? It basically is a two-year course involving art and film editing at Hove College but it is possible to extend the course to three years. I don’t know yet what I am gonna do, I will see.

You said you have trained in photography, painting and then also film editing. Which one of the three do you want to follow for your career later on? Do you know retouching? It’s basically when someone edits photographs to get them ready for the final presentation. I already know how to do that with photographs and when I pass that film diploma and learn everything about films and how they are made, I will be able to do the retouching for entire films, like for example colour-editing. So, in the end, I want to become a film editor for animated films. 3D is really interesting as well.

Do you have any particular film that inspires you for your future work? There is a relatively new film called ‘The Red Turtle’ which I really recommend. There is no dialogue in that movie. It’s just videography and animation and I think that is a really cool idea.

Sounds like you’ve already got an idea of what sorts of projects you want to work on when you are a film editor. Once you’ve finished your degree, where do you want to live? I think Brighton would be a good place for me to be. I don’t want to go back to Istanbul because there is so much more freedom to move over here. Istanbul is really crowded. By now, there are 2o million people living in Istanbul and I don’t want to be there. So, if everything works out well, I would like to stay here.


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